Under Pressure. Under the Gun.

/ˈəndər/ /T͟Hē/ /gən/

Under gun 2

What Does it Mean?

1. to feel pressure to do something.

2. Etymology: based on the idea of pointing a gun at someone to make them do something

Other terms relating to “gun:”

-big gun: a powerful person

-eat one’s guns: to commit suicide via a gunshot to the mouth

-go great guns: to be successful

-gun for: to attempt to reach a goal

-gun shy: frightened

-hired gun: person hired for their expertise

-guns: biceps

We are looking for stories of anything gun-related. Ever pointed a gun at someone? Or maybe you have been on the other end, with the barrel pointed straight at you. Are you a cop, security agent, or someone else that is regularly packin’? Were you ever a spy or secret agent? Have you been the victim of a mugging, a stick-up or some sort of gun related crime? Have you ever been a part of a gang?  Are you a hunter with a great story?  Or maybe you have a story from your days working with the NRA?

We Want to Hear Your Story. Seriously. You have until March 1st at 5 PM to send them in!

If you need some inspiration or a little fire under your seat, here’s a little Queen to do it for you.

Get ready for Under the Gun at the MAC on March 25! Be sure to get your tickets early to save $5!

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