“Train Wreck”

\’trān\ \’rek\

train wreck

What does it mean?

– an incident in which a train is severely damaged (source: The Free Dictionary)

– something or someone who has suffered ruin or calamity (source: The Free Dictionary)

– a disaster or failure, especially one that is unstoppable or unavoidable (source: A Way With Words)

– a disorganized, problematic, or chaotic person or thing (source: A Way With Words)

– an incongruous situation (source: A Way With Words)

How can you get in on it?

Our fourth season launches in just a few days (October 13 and 15), but we’re already gearing up for the second show. The theme is “Train Wreck,” and the show will take place on November 3 at the Wyly Theatre downtown and November 12 at The Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. And we’re looking for your stories.

Come on! Let us see what you’ve got. We want true-life tales of all types of disasters, accidents, and wild ways of folks who really need to get their acts together. Have you been in an actual train wreck? Tell us about it. Are you the metaphorical train wreck? The first step to getting better is admitting that you have a problem — and there’s no better place to do it than on the Oral Fixation stage. (Though we realize we are opening ourselves up to having to deal with your hot mess, we welcome it!)

If the phrase “train wreck” resonates with you, sit down with your pen or keyboard and give it a shot. We’re certain we won’t be able to tear our eyes away. The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 10, at 6 p.m.

Need a little writing inspiration? Listen to Dallas’ own Old 97’s play “I’m a Train Wreck” in New York City a few years back.

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