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New Podcast for “Push The Envelope” in Partnership with Dallas Media Outlet, CentralTrack.com, as One Continuous Podcast

The Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales) podcast is back for Season 5! We will be releasing each Season 5 show once a month in collaboration with Central Track starting with ‪#‎PushTheEnvelope‬. Check out our new updated format edited by former storyteller Emily Trube including music by the amazing Daniel Hart & Dark Rooms! Click below, fill your cup with something warm & enjoy!!

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“Push The Envelope” featuring Will Richey

Theme: “Push the Envelope”
Storyteller: Will Richey

Will Richey closed the show with an power that rattled not just the podium, but definitely the souls and minds of all who heard his voice. With his spoken word delivery style, Will took the audience through his painful path to self discovery and inspired all to use their voice to share their stories and change lives.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Will Richey


After growing up in a strictly conservative household, Will Richey found liberation and purpose while reconnecting with his mother’s Latin roots.  This month, he takes the Oral Fixation stage in “Push the Envelope” to discuss his journey towards self-discovery and his passion for empowering the voices of others.

Will Richey is a husband, father, artist and athlete. He’s a lover of the oral tradition and empowerer of voice. His heritage runs deep through Louisiana and Puerto Rico — half seafood gumbo, half arroz con habichuelas. The creator of DaVerse Lounge and performance curator of the Festival of Ideas, Will graduated from University of Dallas, Irving.

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Meet the Cast of “Push the Envelope”


Don’t miss these upcoming stories told live @ Dallas City Performance Hall on Wednesday September 16

Catch up on your correspondence ASAP, because Dallas’ always buzzy live storytelling series for adults returns Wednesday, September 16. And when Oral Fixation kicks off its fifth season, it will not only do so with a “Push the Envelope” themed show, but in its new home at the stunning Dallas City Performance Hall, the series’ largest locale to date. There, seven Dallasites will share some unconventional, boundary-pushing true life tales. But first, some introductions are in order.
  • Will Richey shares the story behind his passion for helping others express themselves.
  • Social change activist Christian Yazdanpanah reveals how his childhood struggle with poverty inspires him to push for educational reform.
  • Mary Kreider faces her biggest fear in public speaking class.
  • After a painful chapter in his life, Donald Griswold discovers the healing power of love through adopting a neglected Russian baby.
  • Suzette Drouillard deepens her relationship with her daughter by sending 28 cards in 28 days for her 28th birthday.
  • After wandering far from his Orthodox Jewish upbringing in NYC, Wayne Applebaum finds his limits tested when his son develops leukemia.
  • Justin Nygren takes a huge risk professionally to keep his family afloat.
Join us on Wednesday, September 16, at Dallas City Performance HallTickets are on sale now. More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see you there!
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