Meet the Cast of “Partner in Crime”


Don’t miss these upcoming stories told live @ Dallas City Performance Hall on Tuesday, February 2.

Could there be a better way to break into 2016 than to nab some tickets and together with your accomplices, plan an escape to Dallas City Performance Hall for Tuesday, Feb 2nd, when Big D’s dynamic live storytelling series for adults, Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales), presents “Partner in Crime?” We’re kicking it off big and broad: gangsters, bank robbers, armored truck heists, first loves, best friends, acid-dropping golfers, middle-school shoplifting, and a four-legged accessory after the fact. The evidence is in and the jury has ruled — on this crew, you can make bank. In the meantime, how about some quick introductions?

  • Darius Frasure lives soaked in the gangster life, where fighting, guns, and death are every day occurrences.
  • Finding a partner who truly “gets her,” Haven Abedin puzzles over love and destiny.
  • Lyndol Woodruff and his running buddy Cody can’t seem to catch a break; could stealing, doing drugs, and repeatedly going to jail have something to do with it?
  • Hanging in New Orleans coffeehouses, welder Brooke Lancaster bonds with a coworker who seems to know a lot about planning a heist.
  • Dana Proux-Willis and her fellow eighth-grade criminals become masters of middle-school mayhem.
  • Escaping a frighteningly abusive relationship, Nicole Fillion-Robin finds solace in the most unlikely of places.
  • Simply trying to get home to Texas, Paul Yanez and his dog Ahgee stall out in a Colorado junkyard.

Join us on Tuesday, February 2, at 8 p.m. at Dallas City Performance Hall. $25 indivudal tickets are on sale now. More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see you there!

Playing the Field of Love, Sports or Sexcapades

Playing the Field

/plāi ng/    /T͟Hē/   /fēld/


What does it mean?

-a sports term usually related to soccer, football or any sport played on a field.

-when a person dates numerous people but is in no serious relationships.

-to have many romantic or sexual relationships

As we prepare to hear some of the greatest dating woes and wins in Dallas history, let us take a moment to learn a little something about dating from the 40 Year Old Virgin…

Grab your Valentine or your best bud and bring them out to Playing the Field on February 12th! 

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