Share Your Story: Close To Home

kləʊz / tə / həʊm

What does it mean?

– Affects you deeply and emotionally because you can strongly relate to it (Source: The Free Dictionary).

– Causes you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because it is likely to be true (Source: The Longman Dictionary).

– Is within close proximity to your home or dwelling (Source: The Urban Dictionary).

– Involves someone directly (Source: MacMillan Dictionary).

Example Sentences:

Because I was bullied as a kid, I teared up when my son told me he gets teased at school—it’s just so close to home (Source: The Farlex Dictionary of Idioms).

That remark about their marriage hit close to home (Source: The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary).

Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world (Source: Eleanor Roosevelt).

The bombs hit close to home last night; they were only a few miles away (Source: The Urban Dictionary).

This problem hits particularly close to home for many parents (Source: The MacMillan Dictionary).

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“Too Many Cooks” Featuring Michael Serrapica

Theme: “Too Many Cooks”
Storyteller: Michael Serrapica

Being a Bronx-raised Italian, Michael Serrapica grew up with a large family of eaters. There was an audible “mmmm” from the crowd as they salivated over the delicious foods that Michael and his relatives shared at their 1965 Thanksgiving gathering, their most gluttonous meal to date. He ended the evening perfectly, reminding everyone that the reason that we all get together for the holidays is to be together.

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It’s Showtime!


Dallas’ beloved live storytelling series for adults returns tonight with the third show of its 5th Season at the stunning Dallas City Performance Hall in the heart of the Arts District. This month’s “Too Many Cooks,” theme is the perfect way to whet your appetite this Thanksgiving eve. It’s the perfect way to entertain those out of town guests and family members, too.


Oral Fixation’s fifth season, continues with a family-friendly “Too Many Cooks”-themed show. There, six Dallasites will explore both the literal and the figurative meanings of having “Too Many Cooks” in their proverbial kitchens, avoiding P.E. class, getting caught in a flood, big Italian Thanksgiving feasts, last minute college road trips and a look at what really goes on behind the closed doors of your favorite restaurant kitchens. Needless to say, this smorgasbord of storytelling is not to be missed!


Have you ever been to our new venue Dallas City Performance Hall?  It is simply amazing. Located at 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201, the venue is situated between the Wyly Theatre and One Arts Plaza, across the street from Booker T. Washington High School in the heart of the Arts District.  From the comfortable built-in movie theatre-style seating to the fact you can bring your alcoholic beverages into the theatre to its state of the art lights, video and sound capabilities, it is going to rock your world! Valet and self-parking is available at One Arts Plaza, surface lots on Ross Avenue or park free at a meter on Ross. Surrounding dining options before the shows include Lark on the Park, Proof + Pantry, Savor and Stephen Pyles. You’re going to want to make a habit of catching up with friends at our shows and hitting the town.


Flex passes and $25 individual tickets can be purchased at the door, by phone at (888) 454-4353, or online through Prekindle. Group and student discounts are available. Students show their ID at the door for $15 tickets.

Rehearsal Round-Up: Too Many Cooks

The cast of "Too Many Cooks" at rehearsal getting ready for their big show this Wednesday 11/25 at Dallas City Performance Hall. Get your reserved seats now — with Michael Serrapica, Amy Elizabeth McCarthy, Jim Kuenzer and Julia Cotton at The Grove, Dallas.
The cast of “Too Many Cooks” at rehearsal getting ready for their big show this Wednesday 11/25 at Dallas City Performance Hall. Get your reserved seats now — with Michael Serrapica, Amy Elizabeth McCarthy, Jim Kuenzer and Julia Cotton at The Grove, Dallas.

After what may have felt like too many weeks of prep and anticipation, the cast of “Too Many Cooks” got together to give each other a taste test of their stories for Oral Fixation’s November show! This month, with Nicole on maternity leave, Assistant Director Julia Cotton took the reigns as Director for this months show.


“I’m ready to see how this works in front of a crowd!”  said Michael Serrapica, who was all smiles as he arrived with the ninth version of his story in hand, ready to share with his cast mates. Read more

“In The Doghouse” featuring Wayne Applebaum

Theme: “In the Doghouse”
Storyteller: Waye Applebaum

Fresh off of his “Push the Envelope” appearance last month, Wayne Applebaum returned with his hilarious deadpan delivery to highlight how becoming a new father turned an otherwise sane man into a “major loon.”

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Michael Serrapica


Being a Bronx-raised Italian, Michael Serrapica grew up with a large family of eaters. In honor of their most gluttonous Thanksgiving in memory, he’ll take the Oral Fixation stage to talk about why having “Too Many Cooks” is never a bad thing.  

Michael Serrapica grew up in New York City. An aircraft mechanic, he worked in New York, Kansas City and Dallas, retiring in 2012. Additionally, Michael has worked as an announcer, copywriter and videographer. He pursues photography, writing and voice-over work, and recently finished writing a nonfiction book, which he hopes to have published.

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Meet The Cast of “Too Many Cooks”


Don’t miss these upcoming stories told live @ Dallas City Performance Hall on Wednesday, November 25.

Before heading off to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner this year, don’t forget to spend some time with your Oral Fixation family. Let’s just say we’ve been cooking up something special for this year’s holiday show, a sweet and funny show touches on the varying dynamics of sharing a kitchen as a metaphor for life. Make plans to be there when Dallas’ always buzzy live storytelling series of adults returns to the Dallas City Performance Hall on November 25, because the food bloggers, restaurant workers, mothers and comedians we’ve assembled for this month’s “Too Many Cooks” show are just the type of folks you’ll want to spend the holidays with. In the meantime, how about some quick introductions?

  • While avoiding PE class, Paste Magazine assistant food editor Amy McCarthy stumbles upon a love the culinary arts.
  • Caught in a flood, Lara Laschen learns that maybe handling a crisis solo ain’t so bad.
  • Pints & Quarts general manager Maria Fisher takes us back to her teen years working with some crazy cooks in her parents’ restaurant.
  • Bronx born-and-bred, Michael Serrapica reveals how Italians do Thanksgiving.
  • As a stepmother from a vastly different cultural background as her husband’s family, Sally Salas finds a way to reconcile their conflicting approaches to raising her beloved stepdaughter.
  • And hot off last month’s show, comedian Jim Kuenzer returns with a spontaneous college road trip tale highlighting just how clueless a gang of coeds can be.

Join us on Wednesday, November 25, at 8 p.m. at Dallas City Performance Hall. $25 indivudal tickets and season flex passes are on sale now. More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming weeks. Note: There are no Oral Fixation shows in either December or January so make sure you get your fix in November! We can’t wait to see you there!

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Wayne Applebaum


Wayne Applebaum is a man that gets things done. And this month, he’ll return to the Oral Fixation for “In the Doghouse” to talk about the time he and his wife moved into a new house, had a baby, adopted a dog, commuted back and forth to his job in Sweden and hosted a Thanksgiving party all in the same month.

Wayne Applebaum spends his waking hours at Avalon Consulting, LLC. He lives in Plano with his wife, Beth, two cats and two dogs. They have two adult children. He loves the Dallas Arts District, TITAS, the DTC, the DMA, Whole Foods and is hopelessly addicted to binge-watching West Wing.

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“Cold Turkey” featuring Jesse Hughey

Theme: “Cold Turkey”
Storyteller: Jesse Hughey

Jesse Hughey must navigate the tricky business of holidays with the in-laws — from jail.

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