“Jump Off A Cliff” featuring Emma Vrabel

Theme: “Jump Off A Cliff
Storyteller: Emma Vrabel

When 14-year-old Emma Vrabel took the stage, most in the audience likely knew little about albinism. But with courage, verve, and plenty of humor, Emma gave us all a lesson in humanity, her condition, and self-advocacy.

Performed in “Jump Off A Cliff” on November 3 in Hamon Hall at the Winspear Opera House, Dallas, TX.

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“Jump Off A Cliff” featuring Dawynn Edwards

Theme: “Jump Off A Cliff
Storyteller: Dawynn Edwards

When Dawynn Edwards shared her hilarious and honest tale of seeking fitness and joining a climbing gym, she had everyone in stitches. “I was wearing a spandex tank top with yoga pants, and feeling scantily clad,” Dawynn said. “Forcing the loops of the harness into my crotch meant every nook and cranny of my personhood was on display.”

Performed in “Jump Off A Cliff” on November 3 in Hamon Hall at the Winspear Opera House, Dallas, TX.

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Jump Off A Cliff

Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales) is kicking off Season 6 with “Jump Off A Cliff”! Headlining this power-packed show is former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, who sued Fox CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. Carlson’s personal story will draw from her new book, Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back, which highlights how she completely transformed her life by jumping off a cliff in her career—a transformation so impactful it inspired Oral Fixation to assemble this special show, featuring an all-female cast:

  • Mired in grief over the untimely death of her brother, Amy Pengra Button finds hope from an unlikely activity.
  • Attempting to find a new hobby, Dawynn Edwards awkwardly and hilariously braves a climbing gym.
  • Searching for connection, Anjelica Ruiz goes against the wishes of her mother and leaves Christianity.
  • Emma Vrabel—14, living with albinism, and attending a new school—discovers the power of self-advocacy.
  • After nearly two decades of stuffing her emotions, Latvian-born Tereze Gruntmane finds her voice.
  • For Rachel McEnany, when previous efforts to conquer her fear and anxiety fell short, she tried something completely different—falling to earth instead.

More info to come on all the storytellers as their profiles will be published in the coming days. In the meantime, please make plans to join us on Friday, November 3, at 8 pm in Hamon Hall in the Winspear Opera House $40 individual tickets can be purchased in person at 2403 Flora Street, by phone at 214.880.0202, or online via Ticket DFW. All tickets to “Jump Off a Cliff” include a copy of Carlson’s new book. Discounted Lexus Parking will be $10.

Icing On The Cake

Stories about getting even more than what you wanted, baking, wedding cake, birthday stories, an extra enhancement, a welcome wonderful surprise.

“Icing On The Cake” will be held at 8pm on Tuesday 5/10/2016 at the Dallas City Performance Hall, 2520 Flora St, Dallas TX 75201. Individual tickets can be purchased at the door, by phone at (888) 454-4353, or online via PreKindle. Group and student discounts are available. Valet and self-parking is available at One Arts Plaza or park free at a meter on Ross. This show is made possible thanks to WORDSPACE.

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Nayrok Udab


Nayrok Udab’s initial influence in comedy was her mother’s record collection, and today she is known for her head-banging, crowd-moving stage performances that combine rock and hip-hop with a funk twist. This month, she headlines the Oral Fixation season four opener, “Go With the Flow.”

Born in Dallas, Koryan Wright is the middle child of Kolleen Queenie Wright. Koryan spelled backward is Nayrok. Udab is the flip side of her Grammy Award-winning sister’s, Erykah Badu’s, last name. Nayrok’s comedic style has been said to be “what comedy has been missing.”

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Monica Berry


Attorney Monica Berry went through puberty without her mother and has probably bought more sanitary pads out of vending machines than you have. This month she’s the visitor: on the Oral Fixation stage.

Monica Berry was born in upstate New York and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended Midwestern Big Ten schools for college and law school, but ended up in Texas. She’s an in-house lawyer who writes in her free time, believes in fairy-tale endings, and eats dessert before dinner whenever possible.

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Meet the “Go With the Flow” Cast


We carefully sifted through the entries, combed through every line of every story, to find the juiciest, truthiest seven selections to kick off what we know is going to be a fabulous fourth season of Oral Fixation — and we’re pleased to introduce you to the badass, all-female cast of “Go With the Flow.”

Headlining the show: Nayrok Udab, the comedienne sister of Dallas’s own Erykah Badu. Nayrok apparently used to kiss girls and will share salacious tidbits from her phase with lesbianism.

Joining her for a night of live storytelling are six more women to watch:

  • Kendra Greene will share her tale about a Chilean whitewater rafting adventure gone awry.
  • Monica Berry will remember what it was like to go through puberty without a mother.
  • Cheryl Norris will spin the Wheel of Fortune — literally.
  • Pamela Stone will tell of facing down the C-word.
  • Emily Trube will explore how breaking her leg changed her life.
  • And Sissy Block Zoller will reflect on the time she was possibly a mafia princess.

This promises to be a night to remember. So join us on Monday, October 13, at the Wyly, or on Wednesday, October 15, at The Texas Theatre. Season tickets and tickets for “Go With the Flow” are on sale now. Boys are allowed!

Oral Fixation Heads Into Season 4!

season four graphic


After our busy summer break planning and plotting, we’re all set to kick off our fourth season with seven even juicicer, truthier tales on the theme “Go With the Flow” — at not one but two venues! How exciting is that!? Also exciting: Our headliner for the show is Nayrok Udab, the hysterical stand-up comedienne sister of Dallas treasure Erykah Badu, who will share tidbits from her phase with lesbianism.

Additionally, the audience will hear about a whitewater rafting adventure gone awry, the story of coming to terms with incurable cancer, a reflection on going through adolescence without a mother, and so much more.

It all takes place Monday, October 13, at the Wyly Theatre downtown in the Dallas Arts District, and then again in Oak Cliff two nights later, on Wednesday, October 15, at The Texas Theatre. (And the whole fourth season will progress like that: a show at the Wyly and then a second show at The Texas Theatre.)

This exciting opener sets the bar high for another season of stories that will shock, scintillate, and soothe audiences through a roller coaster of emotions. It also sets the stage for growth: More people than ever will be able to attend our shows. Season tickets and tickets for “Go With the Flow” are on sale now.

Other season four themes:

  • “Train Wreck” (November 3 and 12)
  • “Outside the Box” (December 8 and 10)
  • “Slippery Slope” (January 19 and 21)
  • “Two Peas in a Pod” (February 9 and 11)
  • “Writing on the Wall” (March 16 and 18)
  • “Happy Camper” (April 20 and 22)

We are now taking submissions for all the remaining season four themes — so get busy, people! No writing or performing experience is necessary, but stories must be true and on theme. What are you waiting for? Send us your stories!

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