“Jump Off A Cliff” featuring Rachel McEnany

Theme: “Jump Off A Cliff
Storyteller: Rachel McEnany

Even though Rachel McEnany came from long line of daredevils, she often found herself crippled with fear. When getting sober didn’t completely fix that problem, she tried something else entirely: jumping out of a plane. She overcame her fears, found the love of her life, and became the empowered woman she is today.

Performed in “Jump Off A Cliff” on November 3 in Hamon Hall at the Winspear Opera House, Dallas, TX.

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Meet “Jump Off A Cliff” Storyteller Rachel McEnany

When Rachel McEnany was a child, she dreamt of flying. At the same time, her waking life was often filled with fear. On Friday night, November 3, Rachel will step onto the Oral Fixation stage and take us along on her transformation from anxious little girl to fearless woman who loves jumping out of planes, a lot.

Rachel McEnany has an insatiable curiosity about the world at large. She grew up in the hills of Arkansas and would almost always rather be hiking. She loves skydiving, her puppies, and her husband, Paul, not necessarily in that order. Her credo is, “Be brave and be kind.”

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Get Ready to Experience Cloud Nine!

We still have some storyteller slots to fill, and we know you’re out there, itching to tell us your stories.

Ever experienced a month, week, day, minute, heck, a MOMENT even, of pure, unadulterated bliss?  Whether it’s love at first sight, a honeymoon, the perfect revenge, or the most wonderful news that sent you spinning in happiness, we want to hear about that dream-come-true time in your life. Or maybe it’s none of that.  Maybe you have had an experience up in the air, in a plane, a hot air balloon or a helicopter, that is worth sharing.  Or a fascination with clouds.  Think about it. Read more

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