Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Basil Sideris


After surviving the war, Basil Sideris decided to visit America for a couple months. This week, he’ll take the Oral Fixation in “Destination America” to talk about why he decided to stay for good.

Basil Sideris is a spirited Greek from Tripoli, who moved to Dallas in 1955, where he went from cleaning tables to becoming a real estate entrepreneur in the city. Basil and his wife, Ann, are devoted residents of the Park Cities area of Dallas. They have two grown sons.

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“Writing on the Wall” featuring Candy Evans

Theme: “Writing on the Wall”
Storyteller: Candy Evans

After entering the stage to the song “I Want Candy,” the incomparable Candy Evans charmed the audience with how, after putting family first for many years, she finally harvested her passion for writing by creating the first real estate blog in Dallas, Candy’s Dirt.

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Oral History: “Writing on the Wall”

OF_WritingOnTheWall-Wyly 1

In one of our strongest shows to date, seven brave souls from North Texas bared their souls and shared their stories during March’s “Writing on the Wall.” Following a lively and engaging “Meet the Cast” event at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff, the cast of “Writing on the Wall” performed their stories twice — at both the Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District and at the historic Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. With an eclectic mix in the both cast’s stories and in their personalities, many Orally Fixated fans commented after the show that it was their favorite collection of performances yet!

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Candy Evans

candys dirt

She always figured she’d resume her writing career once the kids left for college, but she had no idea just how far it would take her the second time around. This month, Candy Evans takes the Oral Fixation stage to talk about starting one of Dallas’ first real estate blogs and finding her way to reality TV for “Writing On The Wall.”

Candy Evans is an Internet entrepreneur, and founder of  CandysDirt.comSecondShelters.com  and MidlandDirt.com, named Best Real Estate Blog by NAREE. She also writes for New Geography, Inman Real Estate News , Katy Trail Weekly, CultureMap and Modern Luxury Dallas. She is regarded as a social media visionary for real estate.

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