Meet “Close To Home” Storyteller Coleman Easley

At 17, Coleman Easley triggered the alarm in his house one night and opted for the best response possible: grabbing a bat and helping his parents and police find the “intruder.” On Tuesday, December 19, Coleman takes us back to the days of sneaking out to party. 

A Dallas native, Coleman Easley is new to the local storytelling scene. His experiences have been shaped by time spent in North Texas, the Mississippi delta, Austin, and New York. Some of those experiences were sought after, others were unavoidable. He is grateful to share one such experience with the Oral Fixation audience.

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Meet “Jump Off A Cliff” Storyteller Anjelica Ruiz

Searching for meaning and spiritual guidance, Anjelica Ruiz found a home in Judaism, which meant going against her mother’s wishes and abandoning the faith of her childhood. Undergoing an ancient Jewish ritual, however, she finds new strength. On November 3, Anjelica steps onto the Oral Fixation stage in “Jump Off A Cliff,” and takes us along on her spiritual quest.

A native Dallasite, Anjelica N. Ruiz jumps at any opportunity to leave the state and travel. She can often be found at Temple Emanu-El, where she works full-time and teaches on Sundays. In her free time, she is usually reading, daydreaming, or writing for her blog, The Wondering Jew.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Trish Batson

Trish Batson

Around her work friends, she’s “white Trish,” and when she’s with her family she’s “black Trish.” But this month, on the Oral Fixation stage, Trish Batson explains that these are really just two halves of the same person — “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Trish Batson was raised in Thunder Nation. Her mission is to be kind, make a lasting mark on humanity and see the world. She is a beach bum, a lover of cheese, a quilter, a baker and a dreamer. She’s also the proud parent of Cody Boom Boom, a fat wiener dog.

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