Meet “Stick Together” Storyteller Sallie Crotty

In a deeply personal and powerful story, Sallie Crotty confronts mental illness and wins. On Valentine’s Day evening, come hear her astonishing #StickTogether tale of love and courage.

Educator Sallie Crotty, a fifth-generation Dallasite, is also a passionate writer.  She earned her B.A. from Sewanee and Ed.M. from Harvard. Sallie loves traveling, long walks with friends, attending art events, reading, and choreographing dances to her favorite music. She and her husband, Mark, are parents to Kate and Stephen.

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Meet the Cast of “Stick Together”

Don’t miss these stories told live @ Moody Performance Hall on 💝 Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14th!

For this Valentine’s Day, Oral Fixation is presenting “Stick Together,” a special show of love, life, and laughter. Taking the Moody Performance Hall stage on February 14 at 8 p.m., our seven storytellers will be delivering something genuine, sweet, and real. From fighting loneliness to fleeing abuse—from overcoming illness to welcoming unconditional love—from dissolving friendships to joining in conjugal bliss, #StickTogether will span the spectrum. Detailed storyteller profiles coming soon. In the meantime, however, meet our wondrous cast:

  • Crow Collection Executive Director Amy Hofland experiences the power of parental love.
  • Moving to a new city, attorney Monica Berry seeks adventure at Scrabble Club.
  • Shelley Miller struggles and thrives through relationships and the complexities of love.
  • Confronting mental illness, educator Sallie Crotty finds power.
  • Dannie M. Olguin survives a childhood of both adventure and terror.
  • Writer Stacey Megally learns what friendship is and isn’t.
  • Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen deals with a husband stitch gone awry.

For this Valentine’s Day, do something more than just dinner and flowers! Come join these seven souls and celebrate life! $25 tickets are on sale now. Get yours now!

“Writing on the Wall” featuring Rene Rivera

Theme: “Writing on the Wall”
Storyteller: Rene Rivera

With poise and strength, Rene Rivera bravely reveals how, as she questioned the meaning of happiness in her marriage, she finally learned to recognize the signs of her husband’s mental illness.

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Oral History: “Writing on the Wall”

OF_WritingOnTheWall-Wyly 1

In one of our strongest shows to date, seven brave souls from North Texas bared their souls and shared their stories during March’s “Writing on the Wall.” Following a lively and engaging “Meet the Cast” event at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff, the cast of “Writing on the Wall” performed their stories twice — at both the Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District and at the historic Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. With an eclectic mix in the both cast’s stories and in their personalities, many Orally Fixated fans commented after the show that it was their favorite collection of performances yet!

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Rene Rivera


With a brave face and a strong defense mechanism, she looked past the “Writing On The Wall” for longer than most anyone else would have tolerated. And next week Rene Rivera will take the Oral Fixation stage to share how she finally came to grips with her husband’s mental illness. 

Rene Rivera is from Oklahoma City. She is a mother of two teenage boys, who are the light of her life, and the thorn in her side at the same time. She is currently a business analyst for a health care compliance company. Rene enjoys the outdoors, traveling and being active. When she wants to escape from the world, she binges on Netflix.

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Meet the Cast of “Writing on the Wall!”


After receiving a record number of story submissions, March’s Oral Fixation show is already shaping up to be a breathtaking show features a dizzying array of points of view that will wow you. Grab a notebook and pen and settle in, because for our penultimate show of Season 4, seven Dallasites will boldly face up the unshakable truth in “Writing on the Wall.”

But first, some introductions are in order.

  • Rhoni Golden will share a hysterical tale of the poop-smeared trials of having an autistic child.
  • Rene Rivera shares how she is finally forced to recognize her husband’s mental illness.
  • Haven Abedin will expertly reveal the kindness of strangers after her ailing mother takes a terrible fall.
  • Real estate blogger Candy Evans shares how converting to social media changed the course of her career.
  • Phillip Morales will source a childhood fight with his discovering his passion for words.
  • Sandra Price will reveal how a childhood spent in foster homes exposed her to graffiti art.
  • And Jane Hardin will take us back to 1968 when an unplanned pregnancy turned into domestic violence.

Join us on Monday, March 16, at the Wyly, or Wednesday, March 25, at Texas Theatre.

Tickets are on sale now.

More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming weeks. Plus: Meet the cast in person on March 11 at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff!

We can’t wait to see you there!

“Ducks in a Row” featuring Joel Page

Theme: “Ducks in a Row”
Storyteller: Joel Page

Joel Page witnesses the slow and painful downfall of a group of former debate kids.

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