“Jump Off A Cliff” featuring Anjelica Ruiz

Theme: “Jump Off A Cliff
Storyteller: Anjelica Ruiz

Blogger Anjelica Ruiz touched many with her brave and beautiful tale of converting to Judaism despite that faith having a dearth of Hispanics and more so, her mother not approving. In the moment she had to finally make a decision, Anjelica stood for one thing: herself.

Performed in “Jump Off A Cliff” on November 3 in Hamon Hall at the Winspear Opera House, Dallas, TX.

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Oral History: Jump Off A Cliff

On Friday evening, November 3, over 220 people filled every seat in Hamon Hall at the Winspear Opera House to christen Oral Fixation’s return to the Metroplex. After a year’s hiatus, we kicked off Season 6 with “Jump Off A Cliff,” a special all-women show headlined by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson. From sisterly love and saving a marriage—to conquering a climbing gym and floating into faith—to standing up for oneself and taking a stand—#JumpOffACliff spanned the spectrum, sold-out, and pleased the crowd galore.

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Meet “Jump Off A Cliff” Storyteller Anjelica Ruiz

Searching for meaning and spiritual guidance, Anjelica Ruiz found a home in Judaism, which meant going against her mother’s wishes and abandoning the faith of her childhood. Undergoing an ancient Jewish ritual, however, she finds new strength. On November 3, Anjelica steps onto the Oral Fixation stage in “Jump Off A Cliff,” and takes us along on her spiritual quest.

A native Dallasite, Anjelica N. Ruiz jumps at any opportunity to leave the state and travel. She can often be found at Temple Emanu-El, where she works full-time and teaches on Sundays. In her free time, she is usually reading, daydreaming, or writing for her blog, The Wondering Jew.

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“In The Doghouse” featuring Hal Karp

Theme: “In the Doghouse”
Storyteller: Hal Karp

Hal Karp took the audience on a wild, revenge-fueled adventure that resulted in the cops showing up on his doorstep accusing him of assault — by yogurt! Hal gave a poignant message about dealing with bullying, summing his experience up with a bit of wisdom: “The bird doesn’t poop on your car, the bird just poops.”

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Hal Karp

Hal Karp

Hal Karp learned the hard way that being a frequent victim of bullying can oft spur the development of a keen sense of humor. This month, he’ll get a hilarious brand of revenge when he takes the Oral Fixation stage for “In the Doghouse.”

When Hal Karp was eight, his day camp left him in the Rocky Mountains to walk home. He’s still trying to get there. In the meantime, he’s been published in 19 languages, delivered the World’s Largest Postcard to the President and helped the FBI snag the Internet’s most- bizarre cyber-stalker.

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