“Cold Turkey” featuring Jennifer Clasen

Theme: “Cold Turkey”
Storyteller: Jennifer Clasen

Jennifer Clasen boldly reveals the life behind acquiring then recovering from a heroin addiction.

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Oral History: Cold Turkey

Last Tuesday marked Oral Fixation’s second show of the second season and my oh my was it a good one! 

With a sold-out, jam-packed, super excited audience at The MAC, “Cold Turkey” was immediately a memorable hit on the Oral Fixation stage. There was a little bit of everything, from Jennifer Clasen’s harrowing tale of heroine addiction to Whitney Presley’s hilarious account of a proposal from a toothless pilgrim at Plymouth Rock, to stories of quitting love, smoking and drinking cold turkey. Read more

Our Eyes are Fixed On: Jennifer Clasen

A Lover of the Sound of Nothing in the Sahara Desert and Newcomer to the Oral Fixation Stage. 

Jennifer Clasen’s degree in International Relations allowed her to work at the U.N. and State Department until deciding that bureaucracy is a drag.  Currently living in McKinney, she hangs whenever possible with her daughter. She aims to return to the legal field, focusing on international law outside bureaucracies.

If she were to write her biography, she would title it, True Story, However Unlikely It May Seem.

If you look hard enough, you may find Jennifer sipping something at the Double Wide and remembering her boundless expectations for the future from her childhood. Read more

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