Meet “Close To Home” Storyteller Coleman Easley

At 17, Coleman Easley triggered the alarm in his house one night and opted for the best response possible: grabbing a bat and helping his parents and police find the “intruder.” On Tuesday, December 19, Coleman takes us back to the days of sneaking out to party. 

A Dallas native, Coleman Easley is new to the local storytelling scene. His experiences have been shaped by time spent in North Texas, the Mississippi delta, Austin, and New York. Some of those experiences were sought after, others were unavoidable. He is grateful to share one such experience with the Oral Fixation audience.

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Our Eyes are Fixed on Jim Smith

Storyteller, Managing Director of a Dallas CPA Firm,

Lover of Mountain Streams and Summer Vacation

Jim Smith is not foreign to the Oral Fixation stage. He performed in “Cooking With Gas” in May and recently in “Best of Season 1.”

He was born and raised in Dallas.  He graduated from Highland Park High School and from SMU with a BBA in accounting and economics.  He has been married forty-one years, has three adult daughters, all married, and four grandchildren. If he was writing his autobiography, he would name it, “Stumbling to Eternity.”

Jim frequents The Library Bar (both of them) and would really like to share a cigar, a brandy, and some conversation with Samuel Clemens.

In Jim’s opinion:

The Best Thing About Childhood is summer vacation = three months of holiday.

The Best Cartoon = Bugs Bunny because he was clever, insolent and a free spirit.

Be sure to catch Jim telling his story at our first show of the season: Baby Steps!

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