Meet “Stick Together” Storyteller Dannie M. Olguin

In a searing story of family dysfunction and sibling love, author Dannie M. Olguin revisits a haunting past. On Valentine’s Day evening, come learn about her #StickTogether journey to forgiveness and healing. 

Dannie M. Olguin is an introverted writer who peoples through busy days by acting like an extroverted character. When she’s isn’t selling and eating tacos, you can find her hanging with her husband and son, or banging her head against the keyboard while her dog and cat cuddle and silently judge her.

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“Partner In Crime” Featuring Dana Proulx-Willis

Theme: “Partner In Crime”
Storyteller: Dana Proulx-Willis

Published playwright and seasoned performer, Dana Proulx-Willis, recalls not fitting in during junior high, and how finding a partner in crime made all the difference. “We drew pictures of people riding the bikes on the bicycle crossing signs,” she says, recalling some of the duo’s hijinks.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Dana Proulx-Willis


Truancy, vandalism, shoplifting and drinking were everyday occurrences for Dana Proulx-Willis and her gang of moccasin-wearing cohorts. Next month she’ll recall her years of juvenile delinquency on the Oral Fixation stage in “Partner in Crime.”

Dana Proulx-Willis began life in 1962 in Seattle. Five moves later, she landed in Farmers Branch, Texas, where she spent most of her formative years. She graduated from Arts Magnet, got her BFA in theatre and education from Texas State, and is now a children’s storyteller, teaching artist and playwright.

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“In The Doghouse” featuring Pollo Corral

Theme: “In the Doghouse”
Storyteller: Pollo Corral

In one of the most intense Oral Fixation tales of all time, Pollo Corral brought the room to complete silence, taking the audience inside the back of a van, as he was kidnapped by the Mexican cartel after a drug-deal-gone-bad. With his story of torture and redemption, he hails himself as proof that second chances exist.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Pollo Corral


This month, former drug dealer Pollo Corral hits the Oral Fixation stage for “In the Doghouse,” where his tale of torture at the hands of the Mexican cartel will instantly become one of the most intense ever featured at one of our shows. 

Pollo Corral is the founder of LOVE in motion, which is not a porn site, but a church. He believes that putting others before self can change everything. Pollo’s been married for 12 years to a girl he dated for only two months. They live in Uptown with their kids.

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“Ducks in a Row” featuring James Dolan

Theme: “Ducks in a Row”
Storyteller: James Dolan

James Dolan reflects on the time in his youth when he tried to get his act together by selling weed.

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