Meet “Stick Together” Storyteller Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen

In her uproarious tale of childbirth et al, Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen deals with a husband stitch gone awry. On Valentine’s Day evening, come hear her side-splitting #StickTogether story of love and post-procreation nookie.

As a professional Planeteer, Tiana dumpster dives and educates the masses on actions they can take to ensure the longevity of humanity. She loves her partner Bjørn, their son Frederik, brevity, and allergen-free foods. Tiana seeks out humor in every situation and the good in most every person.

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“Baby Steps” featuring Catherine Cuellar

Theme: “Baby Steps”
Storyteller: Catherine Cuellar

Catherine Cuellar comes to embrace walking as a cherished form of commute.

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Our Eyes are Fixed on: Catherine Cuellar

Storyteller, lover of live music, the sounds of flowing water and Club Dada

In recent years, she has sung at Carnegie Hall; reported from Dallas County jail and a Texas prison; judged Candy, Chocolate, Biscuits and Cobbler at the State Fair of Texas; had her passport stamped on five continents; left her wedding via pedicab; and met two Nobel Peace Prize winners.

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Catherine answered “healthy and happy.”

She can often be spotted at Lee Harvey’s, the Kessler or the NYLO Rooftop Soda Bar. Read more

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