Meet “Stick Together” Storyteller Shelley Miller

In a story spanning decades, humor, and heartbreak, Shelley Miller explores the complexity of love and family. On Valentine’s Day evening, come hear her #StickTogether tale of velcro, romance, and commitment. 

Back in the olden days, Shelley Miller was a singer/actress in the musical theater. When motherhood beckoned, she put down her microphone and picked up pen and paper. Four kids later, Shelley has stories to share and songs to sing. She holds a BFA in Musical Theater from the Cincinnati Conservatory.

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Meet the Cast of “Stick Together”

Don’t miss these stories told live @ Moody Performance Hall on 💝 Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14th!

For this Valentine’s Day, Oral Fixation is presenting “Stick Together,” a special show of love, life, and laughter. Taking the Moody Performance Hall stage on February 14 at 8 p.m., our seven storytellers will be delivering something genuine, sweet, and real. From fighting loneliness to fleeing abuse—from overcoming illness to welcoming unconditional love—from dissolving friendships to joining in conjugal bliss, #StickTogether will span the spectrum. Detailed storyteller profiles coming soon. In the meantime, however, meet our wondrous cast:

  • Crow Collection Executive Director Amy Hofland experiences the power of parental love.
  • Moving to a new city, attorney Monica Berry seeks adventure at Scrabble Club.
  • Shelley Miller struggles and thrives through relationships and the complexities of love.
  • Confronting mental illness, educator Sallie Crotty finds power.
  • Dannie M. Olguin survives a childhood of both adventure and terror.
  • Writer Stacey Megally learns what friendship is and isn’t.
  • Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen deals with a husband stitch gone awry.

For this Valentine’s Day, do something more than just dinner and flowers! Come join these seven souls and celebrate life! $25 tickets are on sale now. Get yours now!

“Pulling Teeth” featuring Yasmin Waring

Theme: “Pulling Teeth”
Storyteller: Yasmin Waring

When one of her baby teeth hung around into adulthood, author Yasmin Waring told audiences of how she nicknamed it Pippi — and blamed it for her own transgressions. After her father’s passing, however, Pippi finally went, too. “Baby tooth #T was replaced and officially crowned #29,” Yasmin told us. “She’s all grown up now. And so am I.”

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Oral History: Pulling Teeth


On Wednesday, April 13, the cast of “Pulling Teeth” took to the Dallas City Performance Hall stage and delivered just what the dentist ordered: seven crowning tales of transformation and change. Funnier than laughing gas and deeper than a root canal, our “Pulling Teeth” storytellers led the audience on a wild ride that drilled deep, aligned smiles and filled the cavities within. From literal to metaphorical, these “Pulling Teeth” tales went down easy. 

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It’s Showtime!


Dallas’ beloved live storytelling series for adults returns tonight with the penultimate show of its 5th season at the stunning Dallas City Performance Hall in the heart of the Arts District. This month’s “Pulling Teeth” theme will really help you sink your teeth into spring. Funnier than laughing gas and more effective than Novocain, “Pulling Teeth” is just what the dentist ordered.


Oral Fixation’s fifth season, continues with “Pulling Teeth.” There, eight Dallasites will explore both the literal and the figurative meanings of having a “Pulling Teeth,” with tales of braces, cavities, drug addictions and dying parents. Oh, and poop. The prognosis is positive, but you must fill your prescription.


Have you ever been to Dallas City Performance Hall?  It is simply amazing. Located at 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201, the venue is situated between the Wyly Theatre and One Arts Plaza, across the street from Booker T. Washington High School in the heart of the Arts District.  From the comfortable built-in movie theatre-style seating to the fact you can bring your alcoholic beverages into the theatre to its state of the art lights, video and sound capabilities, it is going to rock your world! Valet and self-parking is available at One Arts Plaza, surface lots on Ross Avenue or park free at a meter on Ross. Surrounding dining options before the shows include Lark on the Park, Proof + Pantry, Savor and Stephen Pyles. You’re going to want to make a habit of catching up with friends at our shows and hitting the town.


$25 individual tickets can be purchased at the door, by phone at (888) 454-4353, or online through Prekindle. Group and student discounts are available. Students show their ID at the door for $15 tickets.

Rehearsal Roundup: Pulling Teeth


This past Saturday, the Oral Fixation “Pulling Teeth” cast gathered at The Grove. Excitement, anxiety, and wisdom all came together to crown weeks of writing, rewriting, and still more rewriting. Following some great brick-oven pizzas from the Oak Cliff restaurant, Nova, this crew was ready to start practicing!


With tales of braces, retainers and a seeming Medieval-torture device called The Expander, school psychologist Poonam Desai broke the ice with grace and humor.


Writer and improv artist Greg Silva had the cast in stitches, explaining in detail the various ways he once attempted to cajole his colon back into operation after a surgery. He also showed the cast his commemorative large intestine tattoo. “You don’t see one of those every day,” remarked one cast member.


Former teacher and Hockaday alum Anna Lassiter fought back tears over a difficult memory — but then in minutes had everyone laughing at her creative attempts to control a troubled student.


Author Yasmin Waring impressed all with her Bugs Bunny impression, only to then touch everyone with bittersweet memories of her father’s final days.


OF Veteran Peter Luby took us to a dentist’s office in Morocco, where he ended his cavity-free life — without the benefit of Novocain!


With sass and wit, Tracy Hawkins wowed the cast with her tale of overcoming addiction and getting her smile back.


With a voice made for public speaking and storytelling, dentist, professor, pastor and painter Stan Cobb took cast members on a decades-long ride that spanned cities, friends, pulled teeth and lots of change.


If you want more details on any of these great tales — and also want to see something that will truly inspire you, move you and make you laugh aloud — join us on Wednesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. for “Pulling Teeth” at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District. Buy your tickets now! ($15 student tickets are available at the door with valid ID.) #DoNotMissThisShow

Check out our entire batch of “Pulling Teeth” rehearsal photos in the gallery below:

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Yasmin Waring

yasmin waring_OF2016

Yasmin Waring is absolutely fearless, a trait she inherited from her daddy. And this month, she takes the Oral Fixation stage in “Pullin Teeth” to talk about transitioning from his child to his daughter. 

Yasmin Waring’s parents were both STEM professionals. Her father Joseph was a mathematician, and her mother Betty a nurse. And the sum of their efforts resulted in a child that still, to this day, counts using her fingers. She did, however, earn a Master’s degree, a law degree and Steve Wozniak’s bad ass business card.

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Meet the Cast of “Pulling Teeth”

Don’t miss these upcoming stories told live @ Dallas City Performance Hall on Wednesday, April 13.

There’s no better way to sink your teeth into spring than by spending an evening with  Big D’s dynamic live storytelling series for adults, Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales). Funnier than laughing gas and more effective than Novocain, “Pulling Teeth” is just what the dentist ordered. Taking the Dallas City Performance Hall stage on Wednesday, April 13 at 8 p.m., our seven storytellers will align your smile, definitely strike a nerve, and if your soul has any cavities — they will not only be filled, but crowned. With more wisdom than wisdom teeth, more laughs than nitrous, and more depth than a root canal, this show has it all: Moroccan adventures and small town dentistry, stubborn baby teeth and stubborn colons, Big Daddy wires and Big Apple delinquents, meth-mouth makeovers and cowboy dentist do-overs. The prognosis is positive, but you must fill your prescription. First, though, some introductions are in order:

  • As a first-year teacher in NYC, Anna Lassiter toils to save a troubled, violent kid.
  • When comedian Greg Silva survives colon cancer, pooping proves problematic.
  • Braces and retainers just about do Poonam Desai in.
  • OF Veteran Peter Luby discovers the joys of third-world dentistry and marriage.
  • Author and attorney Yasmin Waring struggles with both a stubborn father and a stubborn baby tooth.
  • Dental school professor Stan Cobb discovers that pain can lead to enlightenment.
  • And former meth addict Tracy Hawkins learns the power of second chances and special smiles.

Join us on Wednesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. at Dallas City Performance Hall. $25 indivudal tickets are on sale now. More info to come on every storyteller as their profile is published in the coming days. We can’t wait to see you there!

“Push The Envelope” featuring Wayne Applebaum

Theme: “Push the Envelope”
Storyteller: Wayne Applebaum

The audience hardly believed Wayne Applebaum to be an “evil stepfather” to a young boy who grew up to call him his “other dad.” With his hard Bronx accent and deadpan delivery, Wayne brought the house to tears and laughter with his life changing experience alongside a child battling leukemia.

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