Meet “Jump Off A Cliff” Storyteller Rachel McEnany

When Rachel McEnany was a child, she dreamt of flying. At the same time, her waking life was often filled with fear. On Friday night, November 3, Rachel will step onto the Oral Fixation stage and take us along on her transformation from anxious little girl to fearless woman who loves jumping out of planes, a lot.

Rachel McEnany has an insatiable curiosity about the world at large. She grew up in the hills of Arkansas and would almost always rather be hiking. She loves skydiving, her puppies, and her husband, Paul, not necessarily in that order. Her credo is, “Be brave and be kind.”

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Share Your Story: “Jump Off A Cliff”

dʒʌmp / ɒf / eɪ / klɪf 

What does it mean?

– jumping off a cliff as a form of sport (source: Wikipedia).

– taking a risk or leap of faith (source: The Dream Diary).

– wishing to give up or quit, feeling hopeless (source: Urban Dictionary).

– part of “go jump off a cliff,” as in “get out of here, go away” (source: Dictionarist).

Example Sentences:

Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down (Source: Ray Bradbury).

If your friends jump off a cliff, are you going to jump too? (source: The Phrase Finder).

Bro, I want to die, I want to jump off a cliff! (source: Urban Dictionary)

Love meant jumping off a cliff and trusting that a certain person would be there to catch you at the bottom (Source: Jodi Picoult).

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When in Rome!

/wen/ /ɪn/ /roʊm/

When in Rome

What Does it Mean?

1. The full phrase of this idiom is “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.” It’s an analogy making use of the strict rule of the ancient Roman empire, and synonymous with “Going with the flow,” or doing something because everyone else is doing it.

2. A person should try to go according to local customs and traditions as much as possible and act in a way that is considered acceptable in that society. Read more

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Nicole Stewart

OF_MissTheBoat_ 20

Nicole Stewart, creator of Oral Fixation, will tell her first story in Hamon Hall for “Bun in the Oven”.  And it’s a biggie. 

Nicole Stewart is the creator of Oral Fixation.  She spoke about the healing power of sharing stories at TEDxKIDS and TEDxSMU.  She’s spoken at the Nasher, walked the runway at Stanley Korshak, and been awarded Best Future Arts Leader.  She lives with her husband Anton and Pomeranian Ellie in Lakewood.
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