Rehearsal Roundup: Stick Together

💝 This past Saturday, along with Oral Fixation Founder/Director Nicole Stewart, our “Stick Together” storytellers met up at the trendy White Pants Agency HQ, noshed on some rocking pizza 🍕 from Nova Restaurant, and then, came together to deliver a rehearsal that knocked our socks off. 🧦

Shelley Miller‘s moving and poignant tale of marriage, family, and life redefined what a love story can be. “A couple of years after we met, Jim asked me to dinner on Valentine’s Day,” Shelley told us, tearing up. “And we began a conversation that, in many ways, would never end.”

Author Dannie M. Olguin‘s heart-wrenching, stunningly written tale of family dysfunction and survival stole away our breath and replaced it with tears. “I loved being in the mountains, but I hoped we’d make it home that night,” Dannie recalled somberly. “Camping without food, a tent, or blankets was never fun, no matter how hard I pretended it was another adventure.”

Writer and marathoner Stacey Lee Megally‘s richly textured story took us back to school days, mean girls, and learning to be true to oneself. “Jamie and I were both brown-skinned in a sea of fair faces, both children of immigrants who stocked soy sauce right alongside the ketchup and mustard,” Stacey said. “And while everyone else went off to soccer and dance class, Jamie and I practiced violin and piano.”

Educator Sallie Smither Crotty‘s powerful and courageous story of confronting mental illness gripped us all. “By February, my mother had become very concerned,” Sally explained. “After another day of my showing up mid-afternoon at her home unbathed and in my nightgown, she took action.”

Planeteer Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen‘s uproarious tale of childbirth had us all in stitches. “As my contractions sped, I called my doula,” Tiana shared. “She instructed me to take a nice long bath and asked if I thought the baby would wait until the following day to make his debut. She had plans.”

Crow Collection Executive Director Amy Hofland‘s story on the power of parental love warmed our hearts and amazed our souls. “In my 45-year-old photograph on ‘old-fashioned’ paper, I’m a tiny thing with my face turned away from the camera,” Amy explained. “Because my face was too heartbreaking to bear.”

Attorney Monica Berry‘s hilarious tale of seeking friendship at Scrabble Club had us laughing hard at pancake syrup, blue-hairs, and more. “The Scrabble Club room was in the back,” recalled Monica. “A motley crew, middle-aged and older, turned to face me—and the Club Organizer introduced himself, his long, greying ponytail bobbing as he spoke.”

Rehearsal was great, but on Wednesday—💝 Valentine’s Day evening—when this #StickTogether gang takes the stage, the laughter, tears, and warmed souls will be yours. Be smart and get your tickets now 🎟🎟 by clicking right here. And join us at 8pm in the stunning Moody Performance Hall!

In the meantime, check out our entire batch of “Stick Together” rehearsal photos in the gallery below. See you Valentine’s Day night❣

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