Rehearsal Roundup: Pulling Teeth


This past Saturday, the Oral Fixation “Pulling Teeth” cast gathered at The Grove. Excitement, anxiety, and wisdom all came together to crown weeks of writing, rewriting, and still more rewriting. Following some great brick-oven pizzas from the Oak Cliff restaurant, Nova, this crew was ready to start practicing!


With tales of braces, retainers and a seeming Medieval-torture device called The Expander, school psychologist Poonam Desai broke the ice with grace and humor.


Writer and improv artist Greg Silva had the cast in stitches, explaining in detail the various ways he once attempted to cajole his colon back into operation after a surgery. He also showed the cast his commemorative large intestine tattoo. “You don’t see one of those every day,” remarked one cast member.


Former teacher and Hockaday alum Anna Lassiter fought back tears over a difficult memory — but then in minutes had everyone laughing at her creative attempts to control a troubled student.


Author Yasmin Waring impressed all with her Bugs Bunny impression, only to then touch everyone with bittersweet memories of her father’s final days.


OF Veteran Peter Luby took us to a dentist’s office in Morocco, where he ended his cavity-free life — without the benefit of Novocain!


With sass and wit, Tracy Hawkins wowed the cast with her tale of overcoming addiction and getting her smile back.


With a voice made for public speaking and storytelling, dentist, professor, pastor and painter Stan Cobb took cast members on a decades-long ride that spanned cities, friends, pulled teeth and lots of change.


If you want more details on any of these great tales — and also want to see something that will truly inspire you, move you and make you laugh aloud — join us on Wednesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. for “Pulling Teeth” at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Dallas Arts District. Buy your tickets now! ($15 student tickets are available at the door with valid ID.) #DoNotMissThisShow

Check out our entire batch of “Pulling Teeth” rehearsal photos in the gallery below:

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