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“Push The Envelope” Podcast is now LIVE

New Podcast for “Push The Envelope” in Partnership with Dallas Media Outlet, CentralTrack.com, as One Continuous Podcast

The Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales) podcast is back for Season 5! We will be releasing each Season 5 show once a month in collaboration with Central Track starting with ‪#‎PushTheEnvelope‬. Check out our new updated format edited by former storyteller Emily Trube including music by the amazing Daniel Hart & Dark Rooms! Click below, fill your cup with something warm & enjoy!!

In this episode, you’ll hear the following:

• Will Richey of DaVerse Lounge and the Festival of Ideas shares the story behind his passion for helping others express themselves.
• Dallas social change activist Christian Yazdanpanah reveals how his childhood struggle with poverty inspires him to push for educational reform.
• Mary Kreider faces her biggest fear in public speaking class.
• Suzette Drouillard deepens her relationship with her daughter by sending 28 cards in 28 days for her 28th birthday.
• Wayne Applebaum wanders far from his Orthodox Jewish upbringing in NYC to find his limits tested when his son develops leukemia.
• Donald Griswold falls deeply in love with the neglected Russian baby he adopts after a painful chapter in his life.
• Justin Nygren of The Grove takes a huge risk professionally to keep his family afloat.

These stories were each shared on September 16, 2015, at Dallas City Performance Hall. Listen to them below, set to music provided by Daniel Hart and Dark Rooms.

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