“Pulling Teeth”



What does it mean?

– If you say that making someone do something was like pulling teeth, it was very difficult and they did not want to do it (source: The Free Dictionary).

– Meaning is it difficult to get information needed. All you get is one bit at a time! As difficult as pulling teeth! (source: Urban Dictionary).

– If something if like pulling teeth, it is very difficult, especially if trying to extract information or to get a straight answer from someone. (source: UsingEnglish.com)

Example Sentences:

“It’s like pulling teeth to get a straight answer from him.” (source: The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms).

“Interviewing movie stars can be like pulling teeth, but Nicole Kidman was a delightful surprise: relaxed, natural, and a lot of fun.” (source: The Dictionary of American Slang).

How can you get in on it?

We’re currently prepping our fifth show of Season 5! Editor and director Nicole Stewart is looking for seven storytellers, who she’ll help find the truthiest truths to share on stage in April. We need you to submit your frustrating true-life tales about funny and/or difficult family gatherings, dental nightmares, tooth fairy encounters, experiences with braces, or really any unpleasant/annoying/experience in life that you consider as difficult as pulling teeth — y’know, things like going to DMV and doing taxes! Feel free to get creative about your take on the theme. And then tell us about it!

To share your incredible “Pulling Teeth” story with the Oral Fixation audience, send in your story ASAP. The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 11, at 6 p.m. The show will take place Wednesday, April 13, at the Dallas City Performance Hall with a mandatory rehearsal on Saturday, April 9, from 12-4 p.m.

Need a little inspiration? This should do the trick.



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