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Why I Live in Lakewood

“I rented a darling cottage on Ellsworth and got my footing teaching Pilates from the sunroom. Soon I birthed the live storytelling series that’s come to define my role in Dallas arts and culture. And I met my husband.”

Oral Fixation Ushers in a New Year of Storytelling

If you’re a sucker for true life storytelling, you’ll be in good company at Oral Fixation‘s tale-telling events, which were created by neighbor Nicole Stewart as an outlet for her “obsession with true life tales.”

State of Story

Nicole Stewart experienced the power of storytelling as catharsis first-hand. A story she told in the third season of Oral Fixation about her own struggle with pregnancy and an abortion prompted an outpouring of support from her community, encouraging her “to make gutsier programming decisions.”

100 Dallas Creatives: No. 87 Storytelling Dynamo Nicole Stewart

“In choosing to put bold, raw stories onstage about abortion, abuse, disability, racism and more, I push the envelope about what is taboo in our society. I hope that Dallas is becoming a safer space to “come out” about the various issues our citizens deal with.”

Wendy Davis’ Filibuster, My Life

“I was happily married and more than 20-weeks pregnant with a baby I wanted more than anything. So why was I sitting in a Dallas abortion clinic?”

TEDxKids@SMU 2013

“By not being forthcoming about the truth of our life experience, we underestimate the abilities of others to empathize. And we rob ourselves of the opportunity to be comforted.”

Behind the Scenes with Oral Fixation by Lyndsay Knecht, Art & Seek

The storytelling series Oral Fixation is giving North Texans a live platform for personal essays. KERA’s Lyndsay Knecht followed series founder Nicole Stewart and D magazine writer David Hopkins through the editing process before his performance in November. She found it focused much more on personal discovery than dangling participles.

Script Tease by Steven Lindsey, Gay List Daily

“It’s the perfect night of live theater: Nothing but a bare stage, a bar stool and regular people’s real stories — all taking up little more than an hour. (Numb Butt doesn’t even set in until the 90-minute mark!)”

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