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Oral Fixation – Continues to Impress

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This past Tuesday evening I spent another night engulfed in the wonderful world of Oral Fixation. The “True Life Tales” showcased at the MAC Theater continue to showcase the open, intelligent, and moving works of our DFW community. Creator Nicole Stewart has truly accomplished the mission she set out for over two years ago, “is to bring together the Dallas community through sharing true, personal stories.”

Click thru for our review and pictures from this week’s show, “Under The Gun”.

It was just over two years ago, I was first introduced to Nicole Stewart who told me about her idea of Oral Fixation. She was enthusiastic, inspired and boldly set on making her idea of storytelling come alive in Dallas. This Tuesday night she seemed a bit changed from accomplishing her goal. She still has that winning smile and happy demeanor…


But Nicole had gained a more meaningful stance. She confided in me after the show on Tuesday that she wanted to test the boundaries of Oral Fixation. The “Under the Gun” show was fully behind its possible political leanings, she liked the chance to talk about issues. The show was unlike any others I’d been to. There wasn’t a continuing tongue-in-cheek humor to the whole evening, rather this show seemed serious. It was at times haunting to hear the realities of these honest storytellers. For instance, the moment that Isaac McGinley voiced his first sexual experience in High School the mood in the room took a unique change.


The previous readers tales had moments of humor and though there was talk of fear and sadly losing a loved one the dark-sides of reality weren’t truly touched upon. Isaac opened up completely about his sexuality, his losing the love of his father, his suicidal urges, his drug dealing, his “under the gun” experience, and his transformation. It was the first time at an Oral Fixation show I felt awkward during a story. But the awkwardness was uplifting and moving. Isaac wasn’t a horrible person for telling his story, rather he gave something fresh and meaningful to a show I thought was more about humor and fun times.


Another bold moment was when Karen Soltero (who is gravely ill) had to be replaced in the line-up by her mother. The way in which Karen’s mother talked of losing her younger sister to a reckless person yielding a gun was heartbreaking. She was honest about this being merely another time she had told the story, as she has spoken all across the country about gun violence and gun protection. She was a seasoned veteran of this issue and subject. Nicole told me that Karen’s Mom had told her not to worry, she wouldn’t get emotional or break down during the speech. She’d told this story for years and hundreds of times to thousands of people. But on Tuesday night, a packed house at the MAC was completely torn apart as we heard this strong woman breakdown at the end of her speech. There were tears and gasps followed by an uproar of claps and yelps of joy. We the audience had seen a person totally engulfed in the truth of her story, maybe for the first time since she had lost her sister. I will never forget this little bold women struggling through her cracked voice and tears to tell us the ending to her story.


Lisa Bell’s story that night was easily one of the most horrific I’d heard. She had battled losing her entire family one after another and this was merely icing on the terrible cake of hearing one of her 2 daughters fall out of a 5 story apartment window. To hear someone’s life completely filled with death like Lisa’s was once again heartbreaking. And yet her passion to live, the miracle of her daughter surviving that fall, and Lisa’s continued belief in herself was so incredibly uplifting.


Finally, James Dolan told his life’s journey and opened up about his tough marriage, his own struggles, and more amazingly his mob-connected father. James story may not have been as tear filled as Lisa’s or Karen’s Mom’s stories, but the view into James’s hard life was captivating. It honestly felt like a Martin Scorsese film, but was right in front of us and told of Oak Cliff, Dallas, and San Antonio. Overall the final story on Tuesday night was another example of how Nicole Stewart’s mission had not only come true, but had extended itself, had impressed even more, and had showcased it’s continuing growth into something special.


Oral Fixation has two remaining shows in its second season. I implore you to take a chance to experience this wonderful fresh group and become a part of this bold community.

More information can be found, here.

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