Lakewood resident and ‘Oral Fixation’ founder opens up about her abortion

Nicole Stewart Photo by Can Türkyilmaz

Nicole Stewart Photo by Can Türkyilmaz

Last year, we wrote about Nicole Stewart, the neighborhood resident who founded “Oral Fixation: An Obsession with True Life Tales.” The live storytelling performances feature real-life narratives from seven people selected from around the city.

“It has to do with that rabid curiosity that I have to get to know what’s underneath someone’s skin and what their experience is, and I think that comes from my own desire to feel less alone as a human being,” Stewart told us back in January 2013.

During a recent performance, she opened up about a particularly sensitive subject: her late-term abortion. In Sunday’s Dallas Morning News, columnist Steve Blow wrote about Stewart’s ordeal, which took her from that early pregnancy excitement to the overwhelming sadness of caring a dying baby boy.

A series of sonograms at 20 weeks revealed an abnormal fetus with fluid filling the brain and lungs. After much discussion with the doctors, Stewart and her husband decided to have an abortion at 22 weeks — this was back in June around the same time the Texas Legislature was debating a ban on abortions after 20 weeks, and Sen. Wendy Davis carried out her famous filibuster.

“I refused to allow my tiny son to slowly drown in the womb,” Stewart said during her performance.

But, we’ll let her tell the story. In this 11-minute video, which was part of Oral Fixation’s “Bun in the Oven” series in October at the Winspear Opera House, Stewart chronicles her experience from beginning to end.

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