Jenny Q — True Life Tales Told Live

Jenny Q — True Life Tales Told Live

The most entertaining and memorable live theater I’ve seen in years is the monthly event called Oral Fixation: An Obsession with True Life Tales. There was another round of seven compelling stories shared last night at Hamon Hall, ATT Performing Arts Center, by our ‘ordinary’ friends and neighbors.

Nicole Stewart is the shaping force behind these stories – probing and editing them to their very best. She is, btw, accepting submissions for upcoming performances at I say go for it!

Here’s my 3 minutes with Nicole where she succinctly expresses how and why these performances are so powerful and how we can all benefit from sharing our most significant, personal stories:

P.S. Listen to this story we heard live a couple of months ago from Jay Jerrier of Allen who shares his journey from the beige cubicles of corporate America to becoming a pizza empresario. Inspiring for anyone who wants to follow their heart! Oh, and very funny. Maybe you’ve had his pizza and didn’t know it?

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