Best of Season 5



Date: Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
Time: 8pm-9:30pm
Location: Dallas City Performance Hall
2520 Flora St, Dallas TX 75201

The “Best Of Season 5” show will be held at 8pm on Wednesday 11/16 at the Dallas City Performance Hall, 2520 Flora St, Dallas TX 75201, in the Arts District. Valet and self-parking is available at One Arts Plaza or park free at a meter on Ross. $25 individual tickets can be purchased at the door, by phone at (888) 454-4353, or online via PreKindle. Group and student discounts are available. This show is made possible thanks to WORDSPACE.


Donald Griswold from “Push The Envelope”
Hal Karp from “In The Doghouse”
Sally Salas from “Too Many Cooks”
Nicole Fillion-Robin from “Partner In Crime”
Anna Lassiter from “Pulling Teeth”
Jacob Longoria from “Icing On The Cake”



Dallas’ enigmatic storytelling series for adults, Oral Fixation (An Obsession With True Life Tales), presents its annual “Best Of” event at Dallas City Performance Hall on November 16th @ 8pm. Voted on by hundreds of Oral Fixation fans, this collection of stories is simply sensational. Whether you’re a longtime fan of personal storytelling or a total newbie to the concept, there is something for everyone. Catch up on the best stories from Season 5, whether you missed them live or miss seeing them live, this is your chance! Do not miss this show! $25 tickets are on sale now!

Sneak Peek of Stories

Starting off with “Push The Envelope”, stellar writer Donald Griswold shares his poignant tale of how becoming a father to an adopted Russian daughter changed his life forever. Comedian extraordinaire Hal Karp hits us right on the funny bone with his wild adventure tale of being “In The Doghouse.” Stepmom Sally Salas divulges the delicacies of being a third parent in her powerful piece for “Too Many Cooks.” Stunner Nicole Fillion-Robin reimagines the phrase “Partner In Crime” with her visceral recounting of how a Tinder date turned into domestic abuse. When Anna Lassiter signed up for Teach for America, she didn’t realize that sometimes teaching would feel like “Pulling Teeth.” And Jacob Longoria brings it all home with a rollicking birthday-gone-wrong tale with his season finale gut-buster, “Icing On The Cake.”

Submit for Season 6

Do you have a story to tell? Season 6 themes and dates have just been announced! No writing or performing experience is necessary but stories must be true and on theme. For themes, dates, details and deadlines, visit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates!


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