Best Future Arts Leader 2012 – Nicole Stewart

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Best Future Arts Leader – 2012
Nicole Stewart

A little more than three years ago, Nicole Stewart was in Venice Beach, California, and she was heartbroken. She’d been pursuing acting since she was 14 and was looking to be in a sitcom. Then her agent dropped her. Fast forward to 2012, when Stewart, minted in a city she knows well (her grandparents are legends in the art scene in Dallas) kicked off a non-fiction storytelling series known as Oral Fixation. Oral Fixation is a curated night of real-life stories, but it’s no open mic. It is raw, emotional, often funny performances of true tales. But Stewart wants more. She wants to be a leader in the arts community, and, if the innovation behind Oral Fixation is any indication, Dallas is certain to see exciting moves from her chess board. You can follow Oral Fixation on Facebook at for upcoming shows.

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