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Allison Hatfield is the managing editor at She prefers Dallas to NYC, cake to pie, and dogs to cats. She is an English language aficionado and world champion sleeper. Despite poor high school attendance and excessive college drinking, she has managed to keep a well-paying editorial job at the largest media company in America.

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Robert Ludwig

Your “nude party” piece was wonderful! I am constantly dismayed by the ‘celebrities’ who know no limits to making themselves something they aren’t. We should all rejoice that what we look like is the Croix de Guerre for life.


Being in my 48th year of owning a camera I am only to aware of people like Allison and others on the subject of baring their bodies, yes long before those rural ladies got naked for that charity calendar, i thought of doing that in my village, but sadly none of the local ladies wanted to pose for me, it was always the same story, I have not got the body for doing that sort of thing, so it was great to hear that Allison did go through with posing for the artist, and got totally nude in the process, now she has the footage framed up on her bedroom wall for no one to see, I do hope she has a change of heart and be an inspiration to others by sharing her naked drawing with the world, yes i’m sure doing this wont ruin her reputation as a very talented editor.

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