Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Shama Shams


The beautiful, Bangladeshi-born Shama Shams will be taking us back to her first moments in America for Old School!

Shama Shams is a mother of two girls, wife, and a writer of nonfiction.  She was born and lived in Bangladesh until she was ten.  She has a master’s degree in Women in Islam from Florida State University.  She works as a Development Director for a nonprofit in McKinney.

Fixated Facts:

Name of your autobiography (if you had one)- I am currently working on a memoir titled “Throw Away Girl.”

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who? My father because I never really got to know him.

Favorite smell- wood burning.

Favorite Dallas hangout-at my home with my husband and our girls.

What do you miss about being a kid?- Climbing coconut trees.

Sneak Peek: “Sometimes the kids left a note on top of my desk for me.  I didn’t know what it said but I looked at their drawings.  I would draw a smiley face and place it back on top.  I attempted to communicate with the outside world without leaving my safe haven.”

Shama performs her story on Tuesday, May 14th at the MAC! 

Buy tickets early and save $5! 

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