Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jim Kuenzer

jim kuenzer

Self-proclaimed mama’s boy, Jim Kuenzer, kept a pretty clean nose, even in his college years. This month, he’ll return to the Oral Fixation stage to talk about how this trait led to one of the shortest road trips in history in “Too Many Cooks.” 

Jim Kuenzer is a father, stepfather, husband, son, and relatively decent person. He’s currently in the midst of his third “National Novel Writing Month,” so forgive his tired, distant gaze. However, if you’re a literary agent or publisher, let’s talk!

Fixated Facts:

What’s your favorite part about Oral Fixation? t’s the moment right before you walk onstage. When the previous storyteller is wrapping up and it’s almost time to go on. About a million questions come to mind and one goal: I really hope I don’t suck.

Who is your favorite cartoon character and why? Pokey, from The Gumby Show. He’s not exactly a cartoon character (he’s a clay thing), but he’s got a crazy voice and in spite of Gumby’s optimism and love for crazy adventures, Pokey is always practical and concerned.

What’s your favorite smell? It might be curry.

What is your favorite word? Please use it in a sentence. Accouterments. “Sure, knowing how to cook is a great skill, but I want to be a chef for all of the accouterments.”

What is your favorite Dallas hangout? The Dallas Museum of Art. Now that it’s free you can hangout there.

What is the weirdest compliment you’ve ever received? I dated a girl who once said to me, “You’re cute,” about 30 seconds after she had said the same thing to a petting zoo goat.

Sneak peek: “We hit the road, relying on road signs to guide us and keeping safety first by taking turns behind the wheel while the others drank. In hindsight, perhaps a map would have been a better choice. I made a wrong turn in Zavala, Texas, and Trey made a wrong turn in Singer, Louisiana.”

Don’t miss Jim on the Oral Fixation stage on Wednesday, November 25.


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