Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jesse Hughey

Lover of Ice Clinking in a Rocks Glass and Newcomer to the Oral Fixation Stage.  

Jesse Hughey is the copy editor and a contributor at the Dallas Observer, where he mostly writes about beer, and freelances whenever possible. His story makes him sound like kind of a dirtbag and he is second-guessing the decision to share it, big-time. Follow him @DallasHophead.

In Jesse’s oppinion:

One thing he misses about being a kid: wasting time and not feeling guilty about it.

Best Book Read in the Last Decade: The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem–funny, poignant and bad-ass.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Homer Simpson always made being an irresponsible, drunken buffoon look way less pathetic than it really is.

Favorite Dallas Hangout: It would be the Libertine Bar if they’d move it to South Oak Cliff. Till then, the New O’Malley’s.

Most Embarrassing Mistake He’s Ever Made: If you come to the December 11th show, you’ll hear all about it.

Be sure to catch Jesse telling his tale at the MAC on December 11th. 


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