Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jeffry Farrell


When Jeffry Farrell called Kumar Pallana in 1995 from a payphone on the street in Paris, the short, stout Pallana, also known as “Kumar the Magnificent”, thanked him for returning his call. “Leave Paris,” Pallana instructed, and  Farrell returned to Dallas. Reeling from an unwanted divorce and unsure of his future, Farrell followed orders. In the years that followed, Pallana, former world-class plate-spinner from The Ed Sullivan Show, instructed Farrell in yoga, juggling and balance (in all things, from spinning plates to life). Farrell, a lost man, found his way and Kumar the Magnificent went on to star in films by Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg.

Jeffry Farrell lives with the perception that one’s body is the living record of personal history. And, further, that our human body is a vessel of timeless Divine Consciousness. His children laugh. His wife laughs, sings and sometimes cries. Jeff teaches at and owns Park Cities Yoga, celebrating 16 years in Dallas.

Fixated Facts:

How did you hear about Oral Fixation? In September I was googling my dentist to schedule an appointment and OFDallas came up on my screen. Curious, I clicked on it, saw the site and was intrigued, then saw “Push the Envelope” had passed, and didn’t think of my material as suitable to their future themes. In October I received a random mailing, an Oral Fixation “In the Doghouse” flyer addressed to the yoga studio. I set it aside, then saw it again just a few days ago. I submitted a story. Bam. Here we are.

What’s your favorite part about Oral Fixation? The authentic connection of life experience and storytelling for a live audience, with all of the stories that arise, thereby validating every individual’s experience even if they aren’t on stage.

What’s your favorite smell? The Sycamore trees that grow in the Oak Lawn area, and also the Sandalwood smoke of Rishikesh, India, in the winter. Pignon pine is third.

What’s your favorite word? Please use it in a sentence. I have many favorite words, and they change, but lately it is two words — “ischial tuberosity.” Those are the two bones we sit on. “As you sit on the floor, walk your ischial tuberosities, forward, then back.” Google it. Good visual.

What’s your favorite Dallas hangout? My favorite hangout used to be the Cosmic Cup, now Cosmic Cafe.

To hear more about this journey, join us for “Partner in Crime,” the February 2nd Oral Fixation Show, where Jeffry Farrell will share the wonder of his decades-long friendship with Kumar Pallana, and how it put him on the path to rebuild his life and become one of Dallas’ most popular and successful yoga instructors. Don’t miss Jeffry on the Oral Fixation stage on Tuesday, February 2.


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