Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Gretchen Goetz


Oak Cliff resident, lover of the smell of simmering chili in the fall, and newcomer to the Oral Fixation stage.

Gretchen Goetz is an artist, writer, illustrator and Emmy Award-winning set decorator. She is a native Texan but part of her heart remains in England, sitting on a bench at the top of Richmond Hill looking at the Thames. She can’t stop painting stuff and is a rabid recycler.

In Gretchen’s Opinion:

Title of your autobiography, if you had one: I Didn’t See That Coming

What inspired you to participate in Oral Fixation: I love listening to and sharing stories. I’m a fan of several other storytelling programs across America that I listen to via podcast. Some friends and I attended a production of Oral Fixation and we were transfixed. I was so inspired by the storytellers and the audience response I thought I’d test my own storytelling skill.

What you want to be when you grow up:  Happy. It would also be really cool if, in my 50’s, I suddenly had the ability to ice skate or sing without making people laugh.  I was asked the same question in third grade. That year it was a toss-up between a nun and a secret agent.

Favorite Dallas hangout: I have had a love affair with Oak Cliff since I moved back here 20 years ago (my family lived here when I was a toddler). It is like living in a funky and diverse small town in the middle of a buttoned-up big city.

Fun Fixation Facts: 

  • Clint Eastwood reprimanded me for wasting water the same day Kevin Costner whispered in my ear that I had a hole in my pants. So it was kind of a good day and a bad day.
  • I built a 14’ tall puppet of Bonnie Parker and paraded with her in the Parade of Giants over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on its inaugural weekend.
  • I have two Emmys, which is pretty cool.

Be sure to catch Gretchen spilling her story for “Miss the Boat” at the MAC next Tuesday, April 23rd @ 7:30pm!


Oral Fixation | 52 at 52

[…] Oral Fixation is a true-life storytelling show held at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. I’ve been in the audience; it’s riveting. I’ll be one of the storytellers for this month’s program, “Miss the Boat”. I haven’t done performance reading since I competed with the Speech Club in high school. And I don’t think I’ve ever done so publicly with one of my own original pieces. So, I’m a little nervous but excited as well. Here’s my little promo blurb. […]

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