Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Elise Bilodeau


When she was 16, Elise Bilodeau had no idea what her future would look like. Later this month, she’ll take the Oral Fixation stage in “Out From Under The Rug” to share her story of how an experience she had as a teenager changed her life.

Elise Bilodeau is a transient liberal, who mistakenly made Dallas home. She works at an abortion clinic and volunteers with TEA Fund and DARCC. Her favorite acquisitions while living in the South include an affliction for cheese fries, a dog named Boo, tattoos, and an appreciation for “family” near and far.

Fixated Facts:

How did you hear about Oral Fixation? 
Since knowing Nicole’s personal connection and commitment to reproductive rights and how she brought voice and vision to that with this platform, I have been inspired – though never realizing that would pull me into its’ orbit.

What’s your favorite part about Oral Fixation? It’s humanity in action–plain and simple. To bring voice to our lived experiences is why we are here.

What’s your favorite smell? Sunscreen–the presumption of safety coupled with the call of the great blue abyss.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why? Joan Didion–we’ve been in a one-sided love affair for a minute. She’s beauty, and she’s grace–she’s Miss United States.

What would you name the autobiography of your life? The Weather Channel

Sneak peak: “It’s perhaps no surprise I ended up pregnant at 16. But it was a surprise to me. And to my parents…My mother jumped quickly from shock to acceptance–acceptance of my future child and the belief that we could ‘get through this as a family.’”

Don’t miss Elise on the Oral Fixation stage on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

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