Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Claire St. Amant


Claire St. Amant, an incredibly enthusiastic aspiring farmer, will make her Oral Fixation debut at “When in Rome.” 

Claire St. Amant is the managing editor of CultureMap Dallas.  She loves few things in life more than a good story and a long run, though her husband and two dogs are notable exceptions.

Fixated Facts: 

What is your favorite smell?  Dryer sheets.

What inspired you to participate in Oral Fixation? I have a deep and abiding love for This American Life on NPR. A fellow Peace Corps volunteer introduced me to the podcasts while we were in Ukraine and I’ve been hooked ever since. Those stories kept me warm on many a cold Ukrainian night. Oral Fixation feels like Dallas’ brand of TAL and I found that very appealing.

Name one thing you miss about being a kid.  Recess. Also naps.

Share anything fun, silly, or unique about yourself.  I was really into elaborate practical jokes in college. My crowning accomplishment was creating a fake honor society and convincing several students to attend an award ceremony for it. My biggest catastrophe was when I mistakenly got my lacrosse team accused of arson. It merits mentioning there wasn’t even a fire.

Sneak Peek: “Like many young graduates facing reality for the first time, I was knocked flat on my back.  Of course, I mean literally knocked down, in the snow, by a goat, on my way to an outhouse.”


Danna Guillot

Loved reading this. I am so proud of you. Love Danna

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