Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Alyssia Birnbaum


From her propensity to cook for classmates and coworkers, Alyssia Birnbaum’s always felt like a mother. Next month, she’ll hit the Oral Fixation stage in “Icing on the Cake,” where she’ll talk about her reality television experience, and how she turned her love of cooking into a full-time job.

Alyssia Birnbaum graduated from SMU with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing in 2009. She owns and operates Mama’s Gotta Eat, providing healthy meals in-home and delivery for new mothers and families. She lives in Carrollton with her husband, Eric, her daughters, Amelia and Charlotte and their canine bodyguards.

Fixated Facts:

What would you name the autobiography of your life? Always Hungry.

What’s your favorite part about Oral Fixation? My favorite part about this show is that it involves public speaking, which is something I don’t see a lot of anymore in this blog culture of sharing our feelings and stories in 150 characters or less.

What other story did you consider submitting to Oral Fixation and why? I have a lot of stories that involve my love of food, and one was a very literal tale of how my dog licked the icing off one side of a cake I made for a friend’s birthday. So I turned the cake around and faced the other side outwards. I re-iced the cake. We are no longer friends, but not for this disgusting reason.

What is your favorite smell? My favorite smell is the smell of a T-shirt that has been sitting in a drawer in my mom’s dresser. I can smell my entire life in that shirt.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why? Jay Z. We have a lot of mogul talk to discuss.

What is the most embarrassing mistake you’ve ever made? I once went to the wrong political science class for an entire semester because I knew the teacher had a Chinese last name and I went into the first classroom I saw with an Asian person teaching it. I had to take the class pass/fail and it went all the way up to the dean who couldn’t understand why I didn’t notice when all the page assignments and homework was oddly difficult given that I had the wrong book.

Name one thing you miss about being a kid. Oh man, I miss not having to wear shoes or pants.

Sneak peak: “I was chosen out of over 3,000 applicants to film an episode of this reality cooking competition that featured home cooks making their family recipes against five different professional chefs. As the show goes on, the chefs become harder to beat, and the final chef is always a famous face.”

Don’t miss Alyssia on the Oral Fixation stage on Tuesday, May 10.

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