Oral History: “Writing on the Wall”

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In one of our strongest shows to date, seven brave souls from North Texas bared their souls and shared their stories during March’s “Writing on the Wall.” Following a lively and engaging “Meet the Cast” event at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff, the cast of “Writing on the Wall” performed their stories twice — at both the Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District and at the historic Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. With an eclectic mix in the both cast’s stories and in their personalities, many Orally Fixated fans commented after the show that it was their favorite collection of performances yet!

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The beautifully indomitable Rhoni Golden set the tone for the show with an uproarious tale of the “poop-tastrophe” she found one morning in the bedroom of her autistic son, Gray. Without flinching, Rhoni told with great charm and wit how she put her Sunshine Cleaning-esque crew into motion to clean up the mess– only to realize she was hosing off poop-covered furniture on her lawn on the day of the neighborhood garage sale!

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Self-proclaimed “exhibitionist” R. Jane Hardin recalled a passionate teenage relationship that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. After a short-lived, blissful period of “playing house,” Jane endured the agony of an abusive relationship that she left in order to protect her new baby girl.

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Oral Fixation veteran storyteller Pamela Stone returned to the stage with a perfectly-themed story of a closet in her home, where her teenage daughter and her friends would literally write on the wall as an outlet for their creativity. Through the stories on the wall, Pamela recalled the sometimes-tempestuous relationship with her teenage daughter.

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The lone male in our otherwise all-female cast, the lovable and kind Phillip Morales invited our audience back to his elementary school days for an after-school fight on the playground. In writing about his actions during a subsequent visit to the principal’s office, Phillip discovered his life’s passion and how his hand wrapped around a pencil will always be mightier than a fist.

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With poise and strength, Rene Rivera bravely revealed to the audience how, as she questioned the meaning of happiness in her marriage, she finally learned to recognize the signs of her husband’s mental illness.

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Using the most quirky and eloquent details, the adorable Haven Abedin payed homage to her beloved mother, who overcame incredible odds to beat cancer, only to sustain a terrible injury upon arriving to a family vacation. Through recalling the little acts of kindness that strangers showed Haven and her family during this time of need, she found comfort and peace amidst great heartache.


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Finally, after entering the stage to the song “I Want Candy,” the incomparable Candy Evans charmed the audience with how, after putting family first for many years, she finally harvested her passion for writing by creating the first real estate blog in Dallas, Candy’s Dirt.

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With such a strong and dynamic cast, the writing on the wall seemed to indicate that this show would be one of our most memorable shows to date! And through their tales of bravely facing the inevitable head-on, the cast of our March show definitely proved that to be the case.

Watch for videos from the Wyly Theatre performance and check out more photos on our Facebook page.

And the fun keeps rolling with Season 4! Join us in the Arts District on April 20 and in Oak Cliff on April 22 for “Happy Camper.” Buy tickets now or submit your own story today.

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