Oral History: “Too Many Cooks”

The cast of “Too Many Cooks”

On Thanksgiving Eve, Oral Fixation storytellers welcomed the Dallas community to the dinner table of their lives with their stories of food, fun and family for “Too Many Cooks.”


Show opener, Maria Fisher, brought the crowd to laughter with the tale of her first restaurant kitchen experience that resulted in a knife vs tongs brawl, and taught her how to be prepared for anything.


Lara Hastings Laschen delivered her story with sass and humor as she learned to yield her independence in order to handle some of life’s literal floods.


An OF vet, Jim Kuenzer, took everyone back to the ’80s on a road trip with his college buddies. The audience laughed out loud at this journey with a car full of “sous chefs” on a haphazardly planned escapade to New Orleans.


In her immediately relatable tale, Amy McCarthy chronicled how avoiding gym class led to her love for cooking food and eventually a job as a food writer. “It was like I was friends with her my whole life,” an audience member proclaimed after the show recalling Amy’s performance.


The plight of raising a daughter resonated with all of the mothers in attendance as they listened to Sally Salas’ story.  As a stepmother, one of the many tall tales to dispel from outside influences on her impressionable preteen daughter, was that watermelon causes menstrual cramps.


There was an audible “mmmm” from the crowd as they salivated over the delicious foods that Michael Serrapica shared with his big Italian family on Thanksgiving in 1965.  Michael ended the evening perfectly, reminding everyone that the reason that we all get together for the holidays is to be together.

Check out the full photo gallery below to relive the moments. What a perfect show to get everyone in the mood for the holiday season!  Better yet, these storytellers are now and forever part of the Oral Fixation family. And, hey, you could be too. Our next show, February’s “Partners in Crime” promises to be full of tales just as delicious when it returns on Wednesday, February 2. Buy tickets now, or submit your own story today.

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