Oral History: “Push The Envelope”


It was a night of inspiration and breaking new ground as Dallas City Performance Hall welcomed Oral Fixation to their new performance home for season 5 opener, “Pushing The Envelope”. 


Mary Kreider opened the show, shedding light into what may be going through many storyteller’s heads with her story about overcoming stage fright. The crowd laughed and applauded, watching her command the stage without the podium “rattling beneath” her.


Donald Griswold, meanwhile, had no fear showing how the adoption experience brought out the worst in him. Donald took the audience on an emotional journey as he revealed that he’d adopted the child that saved his life.


Suzette Drouillard touched our hearts with literal “pushes” of envelopes from Texas to New Jersey as a special project for her daughter’s birthday. Everyone went on a trip down memory lane with her as she relived important moments in their relationship and proved that geographical distance cannot break the connection between mother and child.


Then, the audience snapped to attention when Christian Yazdanpanah opened his story reenacting a scene of a troubled teen ready to fight. Christian showed us how taking the time to see yourself in others can ignite you to help make a social change.


Having earned so much support and respect for his contributions to the arts community of Dallas, Justin Nygren was met with a thunderous applause as soon as he stepped to the stage. Justin shared the ups and downs of the journey that led him to opening The Grove.


The audience hardly believed Wayne Applebaum to be an “evil stepfather” to a young boy who grew up to call him his “other dad.” With his hard Bronx accent and deadpan delivery, Wayne brought us all to tears and laughter with his life changing experience alongside a child battling leukemia.


Finally, Will Richey closed the show with an power that rattled not just the podium, but definitely the souls and minds of all who heard his voice. With his spoken word delivery style, Will took us through his painful path to self discovery and inspired all to use our their voice to share their stories and change lives.


After a show filled with such powerful stories of inspiration and change, audience members gathered in the lobby eager to find ways to push the envelopes in their own lives. Many have already expressed a newfound stimulation to share stories of their own!

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