Oral History: “In The Doghouse”


“I didn’t expect it to be so much fun!”

Audiences found themselves rolling over in laughter at the Dallas City Performance Hall during our “In The Doghouse” show, one of the most amusing shows in Oral Fixation history. 


Veteran storyteller, Allison Hatfield, opened the show with a bang, sharing a story about her online dating approach to finding the dog of her dreams. She finds “puppy love” south of the border in Mexico in her “fluffer-nutter,” Peluso.


Fresh off of his “Push the Envelope” appearance last month, Wayne Applebaum returned with his hilarious deadpan delivery to highlight how becoming a new father turned an otherwise sane man into a “major loon”.


Cathy Hutchison’s smile lit up the stage, fitting her story about how taking charge of your own life choices can lead to brighter days.


Funnyman Jim Kuenzer had the audience in stitches with some of the middle school comedy material that got him into some trouble with the teachers. His unfortunate encounter with corporal punishment lead him to find a new freedom in performance.


Pollo Corral brought the room to complete silence, taking the audience inside the back of a van, as he was kidnapped by the Mexican cartel after a drug-deal-gone-bad. With his story of torture and redemption, he hails himself as proof that second chances exist.


The audience’s heart melted as animal lover, Christie Wallace, fought back her tears to share the touching tale of rescuing her pit bull, Kate.


Hal Karp took the audience on a wild, revenge-fueled adventure that resulted in the cops showing up on his doorstep accusing him of assault — by yogurt! Hal gave a poignant message about dealing with bullying, summing his experience up with a bit of wisdom: “The bird doesn’t poop on your car, the bird just poops.”

The audience leaped to their feet to applaud this superb cast with an enthusiastic energy that filled the entire theater. Who knew that their times of being “In The Doghouse” would lead to so much fun?!

Next month’s show promises to be just as enjoyable! Don’t miss our Thanksgiving show, “Too Many Cooks,” on Wednesday, November 25. Buy tickets now or submit your own story today.

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