Oral History: “Go With the Flow”

Returning to the Wyly Theatre and appearing for the first time at The Texas Theatre, Oral Fixation kicked off Season 4 with a double dose of “Go With the Flow”! Here’s how it all went down on that second night.

The energy was alive at The Texas Theatre as old friends and acquaintances mingled by the bar before finding their seats, tingling with excitement for what was to come. A new season brings anticipation of captivating stories and strong orators, and this night soared beyond expectations for Oral Fixation veterans and newcomers alike.

Kendra Greene, always a stickler for rules and mandates, told about her rebirth after being baptized by rapids when she was launched off her raft in Chile.

Emily Trube shared how, after living her life at a frantic pace, she was forced to stop and heal more than her broken leg.

Cheryl Norris remembered a time of wanting nothing to do with the world after her divorce but finding herself in front of the Wheel of Fortune cameras.

Sissy Block Zoller revealed her time spent as a “mafia princess” in Israel — and how what she wanted at the time was different from what she needed.

OF_GWTF-Wyly 31

Facing treatment for her lymphoma, OF veteran Pamela Stone shared how she’s learned to let go of her fear and live her life day to day.

OF_GWTF-Wyly 40

Monica Berry took the theme “Go With the Flow” literally and shared her period piece.

OF_GWTF-Wyly 50

And headliner Nayrok Udab talked about her last relationship with a woman and what it felt like to be going against the flow in the eyes of people in her life.

Watch for videos from the Wyly Theatre performance and check out photos from each night here (Wyly) and here (Texas Theatre).

And the fun is just getting started for Season 4! Join us in the Arts District on November 3 and in Oak Cliff on November 12 for “Train Wreck.” Tickets are on sale now.

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