Oral History: “Best of Season 4”

Storytelling took over the Dallas Museum of Art Saturday night with Oral Fixation’s presentation of the “Best of Season 4.”  Many first-timers attended the show and were moved to tears and laughter by the incredible lineup of storytellers selected from fan favorites from last season.

After a brief summer hiatus, Oral Fixation returned to Horchow Auditorium with an evening of true-life tales representing the very best storytelling Dallas has to offer.  This Saturday night event packed the house to the gills with a diverse audience that was buzzing with energy.  Creator Nicole Stewart took the stage to announce the upcoming 5th season’s new venue, dates and themes.  A short video featuring clips of the storytellers backstage folllowed.

Monica Berry took the stage first with her poignant tale from “Go With the Flow.”  With grace and wit, she shared what it was like to get her period just months after her mother passed away.

John Mathews was powerful and emotionally-connected as he shared his “Train Wreck” of a childhood that no one should have to endure.  His strength came through in his ability to overcome his obstacles and find the ability to love.

With her signature smile and dimples, Julia Cotton performed her “Outside the Box” story of a band nerd’s crush on a high school football star.  Although she didn’t get a boyfriend, she discovered a passion for performing that persists today.

With an opening line like, “Gentlemen I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but strippers don’t like you,” Robert Schmidt had us from the get-go.  His “Slippery Slope” tale of strip clubs and adultery was raw, real, and fascinating.

The charismatic Trish Batson divulged how she juggles the black and white sides of herself in this favorite from “Two Peas in a Pod.”  Her stage presence and sense of humor had us laughing with recognition.

Rhoni Golden, a charming gal with a wonderful perspective on being a mom to an autistic son, shared a memorable Saturday morning when she discovered her son’s bedroom streaked with poop in this winner from “Writing on the Wall.”

Melissa Smrekar closed out the show with a bang with her astounding sass and a hysterical tale about why she detests the great outdoors in this pick from “Happy Camper.”  Her last line encapsulates her message: “Because y’all, it is incredibly liberating to say no to shit you hate.”

After the show, beaming audience members streamed out of Horchow Auditorium to meet the jazzed-up cast of storytellers and thank them for sharing their true-life tales. Many folks mentioned they were insprired to share their own stories so we look forward to reading your submissions!  And also to doing more shows at the fantastic DMA in the future.

Click the names above for videos of each story and check out more photos on our Facebook page & on the show page.

Next up we hit the big stage at City Performance Hall with our Season 5 opener, “Push the Envelope” on Wednesday, September 16th!  Get your tickets today.

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