Meet the Cast of “Outside the Box”


No, the dust hasn’t settled from “Train Wreck,” but the third show of Season 4 is already underway. That’s how we sometimes do things around here: outside the box. And that’s our theme for December. We had lots of submissions for the show, and we’re happy to announce this diverse group of innovative thinkers.

  • Randy Aguebor describes ditching his more traditional career to pursue a lifelong dream of being a voice actor.
  • Jenny Block shares what happened when she and her husband decided to explore open marriage after a three-way sexual encounter.
  • Maureen Brice Bordelon explains the different hats she wears as a mother when her third child is diagnosed as autistic.
  • Julia Cotton talks about being a band nerd who wants to earn the attention of the high school football star.
  • Elliot Kaiser remembers the time he agreed to pack up the apartment of a friend in Japan, only to discover that friend was a hoarder.
  • April Swartz-Larson celebrates her experience as a lesbian high schooler who is voted homecoming queen.
  • And Ernest McMillan sets his story in 1969, when he was dodging the draft and becoming a black power fugitive in West Africa.

This fresh crop of storytellers spans the spectrum of ages, races, and life experiences. We think it will be one of our more fun shows yet. So join us on Monday, December 8, at the Wyly, or Wednesday, December 10, at The Texas Theatre. Tickets are on sale now.

Get out of your box and join us.

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