Introducing Valerie R. Peterson, “Out From Under The Rug” storyteller


After learning that the baby she is carrying has a condition that is 100% incompatible with life, Valerie R. Peterson chooses abortion. Her experience was complicated by Texas’s HB2 legislation, which led her to become an advocate for women’s reproductive rights. Hear her story in “Out From Under The Rug.”

Dr. Valerie R. Peterson was born and raised in Chicago. New to Texas, Valerie has personally experienced the effects of House Bill 2, which limited women’s access to abortion services. Valerie’s mantras are “just watch me” and “I Believe, I Trust, I Let Go.” She currently resides in Austin.

Fixated Facts:

What is your favorite part of Oral Fixation? My favorite part of Oral Fixation will be the actual storytelling. I am also looking forward to speaking with the crowd after the show.

What is your favorite smell? Pure Lavender.

What is the best book you’ve read in the last decade and why would you recommend it? It’s going to be the first book I write and publish.

Name one thing you miss about being a kid: Not having to pay bills.

Sneak peak: “Due to HB2, dozens of clinics closed, which meant a nearly three-week wait for an appointment. Not only that, I also learned there was a 20-week ban–I would have to go through mandatory counseling, have an ultrasound, and then wait 24 hours until the procedure could even begin.”

Don’t miss Valerie perform on the Oral Fixation stage in the “Out From Under The Rug” Austin show on Monday, October 10th.


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