“Ducks in a Row” featuring Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Theme: “Ducks in a Row”
Storyteller: Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Lisa Johnson Mitchell shares the winding path to discovering and managing her OCD.

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Laura Classen

Oh, how I love this woman. I am proud to call her my long time friend. I’ve learned many things from her through the years. Lisa challenges me to be a better person. Btw, I also have “trich” ( I preferred the eyebrows) but it is no longer a regular thing. Diagnosed with ADD/ & OCD tendencies. Who knew? It is amazing what the human spirit can endure & overcome. I will always remain one of HER biggest fans 😉

Jennifer Evans

Beautiful! Intelligent! Real! Lisa, you’re an inspiration to us all … a true fri
end through and through!


Just finished watching this- absolutely love it! Thank you Lisa.

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