Our Eyes are Fixed On: Ward Richmond

A Water Balloon-Throwing, Buddy Holly-Loving, Music-Playing Kind of Guy

Ward Richmond was born and raised in Dallas. He grew up in Lakewood and graduated from Woodrow Wilson ‘96 and Brown University ‘00. Ward has a gorgeous wife, Gina, and they have a dog, Waylon. He works as a professional musician, a commercial real estate broker and a triathlon coach.

Ward can often be found at Lakewood Landing, listening for his favorite sound of a beer can opening and dreaming of becoming a movie star.

His favorite book of the last decade is The Comedy Writer by Peter Farrelly.

Don’t miss Ward telling his story at Cold Turkey on December 11th at the MAC.

Our Current Fix: Storytelling Animal

“Research shows that story is constantly nibbling and kneading us.”

“Humans live in landscapes of make-believe. We spin fantasies. We devour novels, films, and plays. Even sporting events and criminal trials unfold as narratives. Yet the world of story has long remained an undiscovered and unmapped country. It’s easy to say that humans are “wired” for story, but why?”

This is the premise of Jonathan Gottschall’s book Storytelling Animal, which came out earlier this year. In what the New York Times calls a “jaunty, insightful book,” Gottschall writes the first collective theory of storytelling. It’s a fascinating insight into what makes storytelling so intrinsically human.

We’re into it, are you?

Read the NYTimes review.

Cold Turkey Has Got Me on the Run

Cold Turkey 

/kōld/ -/ˈtərkē/


What Does it Mean?

1. “without preparation,” 1910; narrower sense of “withdrawal from an addictive substance” (originally heroin) first recorded 1921. Cold turkey is a food that requires little preparation, so “to quit like cold turkey” is to do so suddenly and without preparation. 2.From the American phrase talk turkey meaning “to speak bluntly with little preparation.” 3.Some believe the derivation is from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass and the state of a withdrawing addict — most notably, the cold sweats, goose bumps.4. Reference to the periods after Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays where cold (leftover) turkey was likely to be eaten, coinciding with the end of those holidays’ characteristically high alcohol consumption.

Listen to John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey” Wisdom.

Get Ready to Dish Out the Cheers and Fears of Your Family Holidays.

We Want to Hear About It.



Cold Turkey is coming up soon!

We still have some storyteller slots to fill, and we know you’re out there, itching to tell us your stories.

The holidays tend to bring out the weirdness in people. All the family conflict tends to come to a head around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those holidays, which are supposed to be about “something greater than us,” turn into some of the most drama-filled hours of our lives.

So, what are you waiting for?  Send in your stories!

We are specifically looking for some juicy family holiday stories–family gatherings gone wrong. Think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, meets A Christmas Story, meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding….or something.

The deadline to submit for “Cold Turkey” is Monday, November 19th at 12pm.  To submit, just visit our Submissions page!

For a bit of inspiration, watch this Annie Hall Holiday Dinner scene– utter brilliance!

Our Eyes are Fixed on Jim Smith

Storyteller, Managing Director of a Dallas CPA Firm,

Lover of Mountain Streams and Summer Vacation

Jim Smith is not foreign to the Oral Fixation stage. He performed in “Cooking With Gas” in May and recently in “Best of Season 1.”

He was born and raised in Dallas.  He graduated from Highland Park High School and from SMU with a BBA in accounting and economics.  He has been married forty-one years, has three adult daughters, all married, and four grandchildren. If he was writing his autobiography, he would name it, “Stumbling to Eternity.”

Jim frequents The Library Bar (both of them) and would really like to share a cigar, a brandy, and some conversation with Samuel Clemens.

In Jim’s opinion:

The Best Thing About Childhood is summer vacation = three months of holiday.

The Best Cartoon = Bugs Bunny because he was clever, insolent and a free spirit.

Be sure to catch Jim telling his story at our first show of the season: Baby Steps!

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