“Outside The Box,” Featuring Julia Cotton

Theme: “Outside The Box”
Storyteller: Julia Cotton

The charismatic and hilarious Julia Cotton reflects back to high school, where she aspired to date outside her box of band nerds. In particular, she yearned for the love of one “fine chocolate specimen,” an out-of-her-league football star named Darren.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Peter Luby


He was afraid of heights, speed and public shirtlessness, until his future wife convinced him to jump off a cliff one summer. And this month, Peter Luby will wax nostalgic on the Oral Fixation stage about the magic summer day he realized she was the one, for “Slippery Slope.”

Peter Luby grew up in Arlington and Fort Worth. He keeps moving away from Texas only to come right home. He is a former AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteer, and he currently works as a grant writer. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Christine Zanjanipour

Oral Fixations Pic - Christine Zanjanipour

Christine Zanjanipour returns to the Oral Fixation stage to share her “Slippery Slope” story that she thankfully survived to tell.

Christine Zanjanipour was born and raised in Southern California.  In 2005, she moved to Frisco with her husband Alex and two boys, Kai and Skyler, in search of a more humble and educationally sound place to raise their children.  Christine works as a Regional Sales & Marketing Director for Builder Homesite.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jay Peeples


For nearly as long as there have been wars, there have been war movie cliches. But this month, Jay Peeples will debrief Oral Fixation audiences on a class of enemy unlike any Hollywood’s ever depicted, for “Slippery Slope.”

Jay Peeples was born in Alaska and grew up in Texas. At age 17 he was sitting in a bunker in South Korea. He’s since interned at NASA, been a film extra and a Microchip builder. The current 53 year-old undergrad married the love of his life in 2013.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Monic Reynoso


Almost six years to the day of the car crash that nearly took her life, Monic Reynoso shares the continuing story of her difficult recovery on the Oral Fixation stage for “Slippery Slope.”

Monic Reynoso was raised in Amarillo and moved to Mesquite at the age of 21. She’s earning her Bachelors in graphic design with a concentration in glassblowing at the University of Texas at Arlington. She hopes to pave the way for the next artist with a disability. 

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“Train Wreck,” Featuring Paul Scott

Theme: “Train Wreck”
Storyteller: Paul Scott

Not all clothing optional getaways are created equal. Frequent Oral Fixation performer Paul Scott recalls how he discovered this to be true when he and his wife decided to enjoy a second honeymoon at what ended up being one of the filthiest resorts on the planet.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Donny Hornstein

Donny Hornstein

His mouth has gotten him fired from more than a few jobs. And this month, Donny Hornstein shares the story of how he finally learned to deal with his anger on the Oral Fixation stage for “Slippery Slope.”

Donny Hornstein is an information systems professional with more than twenty years experience. Additionally, he has been involved in men’s trainings through the Mankind Project. Donny has staffed more than 20 New Warrior Trainings and facilitated many men in discovering their truest inner landscape.

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Meet & Greet the Cast of “Slippery Slope” at The Wild Detectives!

Last Meet & Greet at Wild Detectives featuring Oral Fixation Host & Director Nicole Stewart, “Outside the Box” storytellers Julia Cotton & Maureen Bordelon who were joined by past storyteller Emily Trube from “Go With The Flow”.

Get to know the cast of “Slippery Slope” before the show!

Please join The Wild Detectives in welcoming Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales), Dallas’ buzzy live storytelling series, to Oak Cliff for a special intimate Meet & Greet event on Wednesday, January 14th from 7:30-9pm!

Creator Nicole Stewart will be in attendance with the cast of storytellers before their January 19th & 21st “Slippery Slope” shows.  Enjoy the always fantastic literary atmosphere at The Wild Detectives and learn how you can plug into this sizzling story-loving community as an audience member, a story-sharer or both!

At this *FREE* event, join us for a creative conversation about the editing process, excerpts from “Slippery Slope” stories, testimonials from past storytellers, and a DRAWING FOR FREE TIX TO #SlipperySlope at Texas Theatre! Beverages (beer, wine, coffee & more) and light bites will be available for sale. RSVP on the Facebook event page now. Read more

“Train Wreck,” Featuring John Mathews

Theme: “Train Wreck”
Storyteller: John Mathews

Resourceful John Mathews shares how his abusive childhood lead to a life of crime and drug addiction that would send him to prison four times before the help of the Dallas-based Prison Entrepreneurship Program finally helped him turn things around.

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