Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Paul Scott


Recently identified as a “serious person of interest” by airport authorities in Romania, Paul Scott is not only a frequent traveler, he’s a regular on the Oral Fixation stage. Next month, he’ll recall a vacation nightmare that left us a little queasy.

Addicted to life, love, laughter, and yoga, Paul Scott is a Southern California transplant who is raising two Texans with his high-school sweetheart. Equally addicted to crossing the equator and the Greenwich Time Meridian, he recently got his passport stamped in country number 52.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Nan Kirkpatrick


She is obsessed with Golden Girls and knows more about Scientology than probably anyone you know who is not a member of the church (she even once went as L. Ron Hubbard for Halloween). For the second show of Oral Fixation Season 4, Nan Kirkpatrick shares how she first began to realize that she is an alcoholic.

Nan Kirkpatrick is in two Dallas bands (Frauen and Little Beards), on a podcast called Secretly Timid, and the executive director of the Texas Equal Access Fund. When she isn’t working or jamming, she’s worrying about sinkholes.

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“Go With the Flow” featuring Emily Trube

Theme: “Go With the Flow”
Storyteller: Emily Trube

Being forced to slow things down, Emily Trube learns to heal more than her broken leg.

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“Go With the Flow” featuring Kendra Greene

Theme: “Go With the Flow”

Storyteller: Kendra Greene

Looking for a change of pace, Kendra Greene lands herself in unexpected waters.

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“Outside the Box”

\at-‘sīd\ \thə\ \’bäks\

outside the box

What does it mean?

– different, unconventional, or from a new perspective (source: Wikipedia)

– to approach a situation or problem in a new way (source: English Daily)

– free; not bound by old, nonfunctional, or limiting structures, rules, or practices (source: The Free Dictionary)

- typically used with “think” or “thinking”; based on the idea that limiting your thoughts is like thinking inside a box, which can contain only a certain number of ideas (source: The Free Dictionary)

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Oral History: “Go With the Flow”

Returning to the Wyly Theatre and appearing for the first time at The Texas Theatre, Oral Fixation kicked off Season 4 with a double dose of “Go With the Flow”! Here’s how it all went down on that second night.

The energy was alive at The Texas Theatre as old friends and acquaintances mingled by the bar before finding their seats, tingling with excitement for what was to come. A new season brings anticipation of captivating stories and strong orators, and this night soared beyond expectations for Oral Fixation veterans and newcomers alike.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Caroline North


She finds a weird sort of wisdom in the HBO show The Life & Times of Tim, and next month she will share a story about the wisdom that took hold of her while she was on a train ride to visit her addict half-brother in Oral Fixation’s second show of Season 4.

Caroline North was born and raised in Dallas. In 2010, she graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in English. Since then she has lived and drank in Washington, D.C.; New York City; and New Haven, Connecticut. She now resides in Oak Cliff, where she’s a barista at The Wild Detectives and a freelance writer for the Dallas Observer.

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Meet the “Train Wreck” Cast


The cast of “Go With the Flow” had barely taken their final bow when it was time for us to cast the second show of Season 4. Things sure are moving fast around here — one might say they are moving faster than a speeding train. Which brings us to our theme — “Train Wreck” — and our fabulous cast.

Headlining the show: the lovely Bri Crum, president and publicist at Plan B PR, and co-host and creator of Inside Entertainment TV on KTXD47. Bri will share with the utmost love and humor how her family is a train wreck — and why she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Joining her for two nights of fun:

  • Glynn Wilcox, the rare witness to an actual train wreck, talking about his marriage ending and accidentally catching his house on fire.
  • Paul Scott, an Oral Fixation veteran, recalling his second honeymoon at a couples’ resort that was a total disaster.
  • Caroline North discussing a train ride to visit her half-brother, a former meth addict, that forced to face her own addiction and make an important decision.
  • Linda Thomas moves to California with stars in her eyes and ends up having a journey of grit and gumption.
  • Nan Kirkpatrick outlining the web of lies that led her to realize she’s an alcoholic.
  • And Michael Moore, who calls himself “22 going on 65,” telling how he went from frat house to family man — complicated childbirth included.

These topics may seem heavy, but in the grand tradition of Oral Fixation, we promise you many laughs, too. So join us on Monday, November 3, at the Wyly, or Wednesday, November 12, at The Texas Theatre. Tickets are on sale now. Get them before this train leaves the station.

Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Nayrok Udab


Nayrok Udab’s initial influence in comedy was her mother’s record collection, and today she is known for her head-banging, crowd-moving stage performances that combine rock and hip-hop with a funk twist. This month, she headlines the Oral Fixation season four opener, “Go With the Flow.”

Born in Dallas, Koryan Wright is the middle child of Kolleen Queenie Wright. Koryan spelled backward is Nayrok. Udab is the flip side of her Grammy Award-winning sister’s, Erykah Badu’s, last name. Nayrok’s comedic style has been said to be “what comedy has been missing.”

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Season 3: It’s a Wrap!


Season 3 was a monumental year for Oral Fixation. Not only did we move into the AT&T Performing Arts Center space in Hamon Hall, but even that incredible venue couldn’t contain the obsession!

After continually selling out show after show, Oral Fixation closed Season 3 in our new venue across the street, with more than 100 additional seats. Oral Fixation fans from across Dallas packed the Wyly for the best housewarming we could have imagined.

After a season defined by both hilarious and heart-wrenching tales, we asked you to tell us what your favorite stories were from Season 3. Hundreds of fans voted, and we were enamored by the eclectic range of selections that stood out to you. You selected seven storytellers who truly represent Oral Fixation: a range of ages, genders, religions, sexual preferences, and political beliefs. They were a quirky group, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Read more