Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Randy Brooks

The Man Behind “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” and Storyteller on the Oral Fixation Stage.

Randy  Brooks is inevitably introduced – even at the most inappropriate times – as “the man who wrote ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’”  In addition to singer/songwriter gigs, he plays bass with pool party band, The Bad Monkeys, and is the recorded voice of the American Airlines AAdvantage program.
If he were to write his biography, he would title it, “One Hit Wonder.”
When asked about what he wants to be when he grows up, Randy answered, “a two-hit wonder.”
Randy would love to meet the Beatles or anyone in their inner circle and can often be spotted at Poor David’s Pub. Read more

Our Eyes are Fixed On: Jennifer Clasen

A Lover of the Sound of Nothing in the Sahara Desert and Newcomer to the Oral Fixation Stage. 

Jennifer Clasen’s degree in International Relations allowed her to work at the U.N. and State Department until deciding that bureaucracy is a drag.  Currently living in McKinney, she hangs whenever possible with her daughter. She aims to return to the legal field, focusing on international law outside bureaucracies.

If she were to write her biography, she would title it, True Story, However Unlikely It May Seem.

If you look hard enough, you may find Jennifer sipping something at the Double Wide and remembering her boundless expectations for the future from her childhood. Read more

Our Eyes are Fixed On: Mary Gallagher Williams

Lover of the sound of waves crashing on the beach, Scooby Doo, and rolling down hills. 

Mary Gallagher Williams discovered her untapped passion for writing several years ago, so she returned to school and graduated in 2011 with a journalism degree. An avid moviegoer, she enjoys photography, traveling, and cycling around White Rock Lake. She lives in the artsy Lakewood area of Dallas.

If Mary were to write an autobiography, it would be titled: It’s a Wonderful Life…Most of the Time. Read more

Our Eyes Are Fixed on: Lori Brennan

One of Our Newest Oral Fixation Storytellers. 

Lori Brennan is a graphic designer, singer and artist. She has been known to do just about any (legal) creative job as RedGirl Creative. In college friends often begged, “Lori, tell us a story.”   She has an awesome son and a cool black dog named after Danny Zuko in Grease.  Her purse at all times contains a pocket knife, camera and a Sharpie. (She can even be hired for any party for Sharpie-tattooed forearm name tags. But that’s another story…)

You might find Lori listening to music and hanging out at Lee Harvey’s or at the Dallas Museum of Art’s Late Nights at the DMA!

If she were to write her autobiography, it would be titled: I’ve Dated A Lot of Losers, But They’ve All Had Good Qualities. Read more

Our Eyes are Fixed On: Ward Richmond

A Water Balloon-Throwing, Buddy Holly-Loving, Music-Playing Kind of Guy

Ward Richmond was born and raised in Dallas. He grew up in Lakewood and graduated from Woodrow Wilson ‘96 and Brown University ‘00. Ward has a gorgeous wife, Gina, and they have a dog, Waylon. He works as a professional musician, a commercial real estate broker and a triathlon coach.

Ward can often be found at Lakewood Landing, listening for his favorite sound of a beer can opening and dreaming of becoming a movie star.

His favorite book of the last decade is The Comedy Writer by Peter Farrelly.

Don’t miss Ward telling his story at Cold Turkey on December 11th at the MAC.

We Want Your Stories.

Everyone Has a Story. And We Want to Read Yours. 


Oral Fixation is looking for submissions for Season 2. 


Here’s What You Need to Know:

Your story must be true, have happened to you, and should be approximately 1200 words in length.

How Does Submitting Work?

It’s super easy. Simply go to the submissions page on our website.

There, you fill out a bit of personal information and upload your story.

If we feel like your piece is well-suited for the show, Nicole Stewart will then contact you.

If you are accepted, you’ll then go through an editing process to pull forth the truthiest, juiciest parts of your story and get you ready for the stage.  You’ll attend a rehearsal and on the night of the show you’ll read your story from the page.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? Read more

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