Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Lara Hastings Laschen


Lara Hastings Laschen is always down to do-it-herself whenever possible — even when it comes to saving her home from one of the worst floods of the century. This month, she’ll take the Oral Fixation stage to share one of her toughest DIY battles in “Too Many Cooks.”

Lara Hastings Laschen is an award-winning journalist and writer who is drawn to her wild dogs, her bearded husband and bargain hunts. An avid DIY-er, she is constantly scrubbing paint from underneath her fingernails and searching for the most fun and interesting way of doing things.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Amy McCarthy


At first, learning to cook was just an excuse Amy McCarthy used to get out of P.E. class. For this month’s “Too Many Cooks” show, she’ll take the Oral Fixation stage to talk about how it has since become both a passion and a career. 

Amy McCarthy is a freelance writer living in Dallas, focused on food, cocktails, music and culture. Her writing has appeared at the Dallas Observer, Playboy, Vice, Salon, Cosmopolitan, TIME and Paste Magazine, among other outlets.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jim Kuenzer

jim kuenzer

Self-proclaimed mama’s boy, Jim Kuenzer, kept a pretty clean nose, even in his college years. This month, he’ll return to the Oral Fixation stage to talk about how this trait led to one of the shortest road trips in history in “Too Many Cooks.” 

Jim Kuenzer is a father, stepfather, husband, son, and relatively decent person. He’s currently in the midst of his third “National Novel Writing Month,” so forgive his tired, distant gaze. However, if you’re a literary agent or publisher, let’s talk!

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Sally Salas


Everything she knows about parenting she learned from Google. And this month, she takes the Oral Fixation stage to talk about her and her daughter’s kitchen talks in “Too Many Cooks.”

Sally is a mama, a teacher and a writer. A gangster by proxy, hippie at heart, and a future New Yorker, she loves fiercely- her God, her tribe and her children. If she could just find a way to make millions quoting movie lines, life would be perfect.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Maria Fisher


The daughter of a pair of successful Dallas restaurateurs, Maria Fisher was practically raised in a commercial kitchen. This month, she takes the Oral Fixation in “Too Many Cooks” to reveal the chaos and knife fights that oft go down behind the closed kitchen doors of your favorite restaurants. 

Maria was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She went to Arts Magnet for high school and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SMU. She digs traveling, going to museums, drawing and painting and her five-year-old daughter Lucy. They currently lives East Dallas.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Michael Serrapica


Being a Bronx-raised Italian, Michael Serrapica grew up with a large family of eaters. In honor of their most gluttonous Thanksgiving in memory, he’ll take the Oral Fixation stage to talk about why having “Too Many Cooks” is never a bad thing.  

Michael Serrapica grew up in New York City. An aircraft mechanic, he worked in New York, Kansas City and Dallas, retiring in 2012. Additionally, Michael has worked as an announcer, copywriter and videographer. He pursues photography, writing and voice-over work, and recently finished writing a nonfiction book, which he hopes to have published.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Hal Karp

Hal Karp

Hal Karp learned the hard way that being a frequent victim of bullying can oft spur the development of a keen sense of humor. This month, he’ll get a hilarious brand of revenge when he takes the Oral Fixation stage for “In the Doghouse.”

When Hal Karp was eight, his day camp left him in the Rocky Mountains to walk home. He’s still trying to get there. In the meantime, he’s been published in 19 languages, delivered the World’s Largest Postcard to the President and helped the FBI snag the Internet’s most- bizarre cyber-stalker.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Pollo Corral


This month, former drug dealer Pollo Corral hits the Oral Fixation stage for “In the Doghouse,” where his tale of torture at the hands of the Mexican cartel will instantly become one of the most intense ever featured at one of our shows. 

Pollo Corral is the founder of LOVE in motion, which is not a porn site, but a church. He believes that putting others before self can change everything. Pollo’s been married for 12 years to a girl he dated for only two months. They live in Uptown with their kids.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Wayne Applebaum


Wayne Applebaum is a man that gets things done. And this month, he’ll return to the Oral Fixation for “In the Doghouse” to talk about the time he and his wife moved into a new house, had a baby, adopted a dog, commuted back and forth to his job in Sweden and hosted a Thanksgiving party all in the same month.

Wayne Applebaum spends his waking hours at Avalon Consulting, LLC. He lives in Plano with his wife, Beth, two cats and two dogs. They have two adult children. He loves the Dallas Arts District, TITAS, the DTC, the DMA, Whole Foods and is hopelessly addicted to binge-watching West Wing.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Christie Wallace


For Christie Wallace, watching animal videos online is her reminder that there is at least some good left in the world. Later this month, the stage veteran will make her Oral Fixation debut as part of “In the Doghouse,” — which is fitting, because Christie’s motto is, “There’s always room for another dog in the house.”

Christie Wallace  is a performer and instructor at Dallas Comedy House in Deep Ellum. She also works for the popular web comic Cyanide & Happiness. When she’s not making people laugh she enjoys yoga, reading,and binge watching Naked and Afraid. She has three dogs, a cat and a fiancé.

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