Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jenny Block


She misses Buli and swing sets and would wear a tutu every day of the week if it was even remotely socially acceptable. And this month, Jenny Block shares the continuing story of her open marriage on the Oral Fixation stage for “Outside the Box.”

Jenny Block is the author of the Lambda Award-winning book Open: Love, Sex, and Life in as Open Marriage. Her writing appears in and on HuffingtonPost.com, Curve magazine, Dallas Voice, and Edge Media Network. Her new book, due out next year, is Oh Wow! Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Randy E. Aguebor


He’s flexible enough for the splits and does a pretty good Elmo impersonation. But next week you will find Randy E. Aguebor speaking only as himself in his Oral Fixation debut for the last show of 2014, “Outside the Box.”

The product of hardworking parents and an excellent education, Randy E. Aguebor is the student who’d always get in trouble for reading novels during class.  Armed with a lifelong fascination with words and a voice described as dark, smooth, melodic, and reassuring, Randy is pursuing a career as a voice actor. 

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Elliot Kaiser


He values loyalty above all else and loves to hang out at The Goldrush Cafe. And next month you will find Elliot Kaiser on the Oral Fixation stage for “Outside the Box,” where he will share his story of the time his devotion to friendship led him to help a hoarder move a bunch of crap across an ocean. 

Born and raised in Dallas, Elliot Kaiser joined the Navy at age 18 and served his time in Yokosuka, Japan. After his discharge, Elliot earned his bachelor’s in classics from the University of Dallas through the Montgomery G.I. Bill. Today he is a freelance video production assistant and writer.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Ernest McMillan


Taking the Oral Fixation stage for the first time for next month’s “Outside the Box”: Ernest McMillan, with a powerful story of becoming a fugitive in West Africa in the late 1960s. 

Ernest McMillan was born in the heart of Dallas, the offspring of a country girl and a city boy, inherited strong legacies from brave ancestors, sprouted fresh strivings through the turbulent 1960s to become a community builder in Houston’s bloody Fifth Ward until 2007, returning home to Dallas rejuvenated.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Maureen Brice Bordelon


Before it closed, Maureen Brice Bordelon loved the glitz of Henderson Street’s Ice House. Now she’s the author of a book about raising a child with autism. And next month she shares a little bit of that journey with the Oral Fixation audience for “Outside the Box.” 

Maureen Brice Bordelon is a native Dallasite whose grown-up job was in computers and technology until the curve ball of autism crashed through her life’s window. Maureen is an author, Dallas Morning News blogger, advocate, and strives for organic everything with her husband and three beautiful kids.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Julia Cotton


She loves that smell right before it rains (you know the one), Dory from Finding Nemo, and the television show Community. And we love that this comedy queen makes her Oral Fixation debut next month for our show themed “Outside the Box.” 

Julia E. Cotton was born in Houston but has lived most of her life in DFW.  She graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in radio, television, and film. She currently performs improv and sketch comedy at Dallas Comedy House.  She hopes to inspire her two kids as much as they inspire her.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: April Swartz-Larson


People tell her she reminds them of Ellen Degeneres. Is it because she has killer dance moves or because she has piercing blue eyes? Or maybe it’s just because she’s funny? You be the judge when April Swartz-Larson takes the Oral Fixation stage for “Outside the Box” next month. 

April Swartz-Larson is a conformist by day at McKinney High School (but just to get into a good college to radically change the world) and a punk rebel by night. She likes loud Bob Dylan, The Rachel Maddow Show, pleather jackets, and passionate political ranting with fellow teenage iconoclasts.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: John Mathews


He is both bowlegged and pigeon-toed, but that won’t keep John Mathews from proudly walking onstage to share his story of coming up hard, spending lots of time in prison, and finding a love he never thought possible, when he makes his Oral Fixation debut in “Train Wreck.”

John Mathews is obsessed with speed. He sells fast cars, rides even faster motorcycles, and rapidly lost more than 70 pounds in the last year. Yet as fast as John moves, his ideal day would be spent sitting still and playing with his three children.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Glynn Wilcox


His scrapbooking skills are beyond. Think we’re kidding? He just won a blue ribbon for a scrapbook he entered at the State Fair of Texas.

Glynn Wilcox was born on the Texas Gulf Coast. After living outside Texas for too long, he moved to Dallas ten years ago. The father of two incredible boys, he devotes as much time as possible to his family.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Linda Thomas


She usually introduces herself as a 6-foot-tall Wonder Woman, and she recently wrote a reference book on color, motivated by the fact that she is colorblind. Next month, Linda Thomas makes her Oral Fixation debut in “Train Wreck.”

Linda Thomas lives in Lake Dallas, a little time warp just off I-35. She and her husband have a unique house that used to be a restaurant on a street that used to be a 15-cabin fishing resort, with their rescue dog, Victor, and cat, Coco Chanel.

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