Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Mandy Aguilar

Mandy Aguilar

She never wanted to grow up, settle down in the suburbs, work for “the man” or have kids. And next week, Mandy Aguilar talks about her rebellious youth,
on the Oral Fixation stage, for “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Mandy Aguilar grew up on a farm in the Ozarks. She manages fundraising for Café Momentum, serves on the board of Kitchen Dog Theater and is on the steering committee for the North Texas Teen Book Festival. Mandy lives in Oak Cliff with her husband Victor and son Sebastian.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Trish Batson

Trish Batson

Around her work friends, she’s “white Trish,” and when she’s with her family she’s “black Trish.” But this month, on the Oral Fixation stage, Trish Batson explains that these are really just two halves of the same person — “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Trish Batson was raised in Thunder Nation. Her mission is to be kind, make a lasting mark on humanity and see the world. She is a beach bum, a lover of cheese, a quilter, a baker and a dreamer. She’s also the proud parent of Cody Boom Boom, a fat wiener dog.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Kathryn Kowal


Growing up, she shared a room with her sister — even when she didn’t have to. And this month, Kathryn Kowal expounds on the intimate bond between sisters on the Oral Fixation stage for “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Kathryn is most proud of her son, the extra pages in her passport and her friendly disposition. She loves all the humanities and her husband almost in equal measure. A good meal, nice glass of wine and being with friends and family makes her most happy.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Kay Seitz


They found each other precisely when they needed each other most. And this month, Kay Seitz remembers her little diva dog, Bubbles on the Oral Fixation stage for “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Kay Seitz was born and raised up north, but she has lived, worked and played in North Texas for nearly ten years. She is a lover of words — written, spoken and sung — and is very excited to bring a story to the community today.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Danny Fulgencio


His adventurous spirit has taken him to live all over the world, often with little to no money. And for his Oral Fixation debut this month, photographer Danny Fulgencio reveals the undoing of an ill-fated love affair for #TwoPeasInAPod. 

Danny Fulgencio is a photographer based in Dallas, TX. In 2010 he graduated from UNT’s Mayborn Graduate School of Journalism. His photography has been featured in the Village Voice, International Herald Tribue and Narratively, among others.  He serves at the pleasure of Advocate Magazines as chief photographer and photo editor. 

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Robert Hunt

Robert Hunt

He and his twin were so close growing up, they can’t really remember whose stories are whose. And this month, Robert Hunt will share the pair’s coming of age tale on the Oral Fixation stage for “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Robert Hunt is a Texan. He was born in Dallas and raised around the state. He lived 20 years away from home in Malaysia, Singapore, and Austria, and has been back since 2004. He was led abroad but never astray by Lilian, his wife of 35 years. He remains a hopeless romantic.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Tami Stowe

Tami Stowe

Their relationship may be a rather unconventional one, but the other pea in Tami Stowe’s proverbial pod has her back in even the toughest of times. This month she’ll gush about her supportive other half on the Oral Fixation stage. 

Tami Stowe, a native Texan, lives in Lake Highlands. She spends her weekdays managing a nonprofit, Good Days from CDF. In her free time, Tami can be found pounding the pavement, enjoying live music with friends or finding her next espresso fix. She’ll try anything twice, because sometimes once isn’t enough.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Peter Luby


He was afraid of heights, speed and public shirtlessness, until his future wife convinced him to jump off a cliff one summer. And this month, Peter Luby will wax nostalgic on the Oral Fixation stage about the magic summer day he realized she was the one, for “Slippery Slope.”

Peter Luby grew up in Arlington and Fort Worth. He keeps moving away from Texas only to come right home. He is a former AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteer, and he currently works as a grant writer. He lives in Fort Worth with his wife.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Christine Zanjanipour

Oral Fixations Pic - Christine Zanjanipour

Christine Zanjanipour returns to the Oral Fixation stage to share her “Slippery Slope” story that she thankfully survived to tell.

Christine Zanjanipour was born and raised in Southern California.  In 2005, she moved to Frisco with her husband Alex and two boys, Kai and Skyler, in search of a more humble and educationally sound place to raise their children.  Christine works as a Regional Sales & Marketing Director for Builder Homesite.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jay Peeples


For nearly as long as there have been wars, there have been war movie cliches. But this month, Jay Peeples will debrief Oral Fixation audiences on a class of enemy unlike any Hollywood’s ever depicted, for “Slippery Slope.”

Jay Peeples was born in Alaska and grew up in Texas. At age 17 he was sitting in a bunker in South Korea. He’s since interned at NASA, been a film extra and a Microchip builder. The current 53 year-old undergrad married the love of his life in 2013.

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