Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Caroline North


She finds a weird sort of wisdom in the HBO show The Life & Times of Tim, and next month she will share a story about the wisdom that took hold of her while she was on a train ride to visit her addict half-brother in Oral Fixation’s second show of Season 4.

Caroline North was born and raised in Dallas. In 2010, she graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in English. Since then she has lived and drank in Washington, D.C.; New York City; and New Haven, Connecticut. She now resides in Oak Cliff, where she’s a barista at The Wild Detectives and a freelance writer for the Dallas Observer.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Nayrok Udab


Nayrok Udab’s initial influence in comedy was her mother’s record collection, and today she is known for her head-banging, crowd-moving stage performances that combine rock and hip-hop with a funk twist. This month, she headlines the Oral Fixation season four opener, “Go With the Flow.”

Born in Dallas, Koryan Wright is the middle child of Kolleen Queenie Wright. Koryan spelled backward is Nayrok. Udab is the flip side of her Grammy Award-winning sister’s, Erykah Badu’s, last name. Nayrok’s comedic style has been said to be “what comedy has been missing.”

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Emily Trube


Having spent years on the radio, Emily Trube is stepping out onto the stage. The spotlight is on her this month as she shares her story with Oral Fixation in “Go With the Flow.”

Emily Trube is a radio reporter, proud Oak Cliff resident, and fifth-generation Texan. She started a broadcasting career in 2003, after spending 11 years in the New York theater scene. You can hear her each morning on CBS Radio’s KRLD and read her reports at TheaterJones.com.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Sissy Block Zoller


A new Dallas resident but an old hat at storytelling, Sissy Block Zoller makes her Oral Fixation debut this month with a tale about the time she was possibly a mafia princess.

Sissy Block Zoller recently married and moved to Dallas from New York City. A talkative writer, Sissy’s art form of choice is storytelling. She has performed with The Moth and co-produced and performed in the off-Broadway production of Love and Israel, a monologues show about people’s relationships with Israel.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Pamela Stone


Pam Stone, lover of Dr. Katz and the scent of sweet honeysuckle, returns to the Oral Fixation stage for “Go With the Flow.” 

Pamela Stone is an award-winning journalist and author whose articles have appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times syndicates. Her book, A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone, is nationally distributed. She says that writing is in her DNA. Her father often rose at dawn to write Japanese haikus.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Cheryl Norris

cheryl norris

A Peace Corp alum who loves to laugh, Cheryl Norris shares her fateful tale of spinning the Wheel of Fortune (literally!) at our October show, “Go With the Flow.”

Cheryl Norris recently returned to her home state of Texas after spending 22 years in Chicago, where it was lovely but just too cold. Now it’s too hot. She has a very talented daughter, Rachel, her own consulting and training business, and two cute but annoying dogs.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Monica Berry


Attorney Monica Berry went through puberty without her mother and has probably bought more sanitary pads out of vending machines than you have. This month she’s the visitor: on the Oral Fixation stage.

Monica Berry was born in upstate New York and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended Midwestern Big Ten schools for college and law school, but ended up in Texas. She’s an in-house lawyer who writes in her free time, believes in fairy-tale endings, and eats dessert before dinner whenever possible.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Kendra Greene

kendra greene

She gives a mean haircut, can teach you to order “six pastries” in Portuguese, and sometimes does an impression of a giraffe doing an impression of Yoda — and this month she shares a tale about a Chilean rafting trip gone awry with the Oral Fixation audience.

Kendra Greene is the writer in residence at the Dallas Museum of Art. She is also the current art director of Defunct and reads the news on North Texas Radio for the Blind. What she wouldn’t give for a letterpress studio and a case of wood type.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Amanda Rodenborg


Love is a powerful thing.  It can even overcome conversion therapy.   Let’s learn more about a brave gal who listened to her heart and got “The Whole Enchilada.”

Amanda Rodenborg moved to Texas thirteen years ago after growing up in the Midwest. She is an enthusiastic, if not very accomplished, runner. A sometimes poet and craft beer aficionado, she shares a home in Dallas with her wife, Heather, and Libby the wundermutt.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Blake Friis

OF-DucksInARow-hi_43 Blake Friis

This story highlights a profound truth: sometimes sibling relationships are tough.  It’s all in how you deal with it.  Let’s meet this big brother!

Blake Friis, if not for the lure of khakis and fluorescent lighting, may have become a fourth-generation farmer in rural Iowa, where he grew up doing the kind of chores that inspire young men to pursue lives of khakis and fluorescent lighting.

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