Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Jim Kuenzer

jim kuenzer

An early connoisseur of R-rated comedy, Jim Kuenzer has a knack for jokes. Later this month, he’ll use humor as an icebreaker in his  laugh-filled “In the Doghouse” tale .

Jim Kuenzer is a writer, musician, photographer, actor, father of three and stepfather of three more. He can afford to do these things (especially the parenting) by working as a Digital Content Strategist. Wow. Just did the math. Six kids. Wow.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Allison Hatfield

allison and peluso driving

For Allison Hatfield it’s all dogs all the time. This month, the veteran storyteller returns to the Oral Fixation stage for the third time for “In the Doghouse,” where she’ll talk about meeting the latest addition to her pack. 

Allison Hatfield is a lover, fighter and cupcake eater. She prefers sunrise to sunset, chocolate to vanilla and dogs to cats. This is her third time to appear on the Oral Fixation stage. Unlike in previous tales, in her story for “In the Doghouse,” she keeps all of her clothes on the whole time.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Cathy Hutchison


A rule follower of the highest order, Cathy Hutchison, hits the Oral Fixation stage next month for “In the Doghouse,” where she’ll preach the gospel of saying “no” every once in awhile. 

Cathy Hutchison is a content creator with a day job in marketing. Her blog, RandomCathy.com, explores living life outside the lines. Cathy is inspired by the things that provide freedom in a world of demands. A believer in the power of color, she can frequently be found brandishing crayons.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Wayne Applebaum

Headshot 1

Wayne Applebaum comes from a long line of worriers. And this month, he’ll take the Oral Fixation stage to talk about the time he had to put on a brave face during his son’s cancer battle in “Push the Envelope.”

Wayne Applebaum spends his waking hours at Avalon Consulting, LLC. He lives in Plano with his wife, Beth, two cats and two dogs. They have two adult children. He loves the Art’s District, TITAS, the DTC, the DMA, Whole Foods and is hopelessly addicted to binge-watching West Wing.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Justin Nygren


A major car accident should have killed him. Not only did Justin Nygren survive, this month he takes the Oral Fixation stage in “Push the Envelope” to talk about how that wreck was the spark that renewed his creative spirit.

Justin Nygren is a father of two, dreamer, possibilitarian, beer nerd, coffee lover and friend. He co-founded ArtLoveMagic, an organization that supports artists through positive community, workshops and live events. He co- owns The Grove, a collaborative co-working community devoted to stewarding the dreams of our members, and making a positive social impact.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Mary Kreider


A performer at heart, the rocking and rolling Mary Kreider conquers her fear of public speaking this month on the Oral Fixation stage in “Push the Envelope.

Mary Kreider grew up in South Carolina and graduated from Clemson before landing in Dallas. A 25-year employee of Sewell Lexus, her passions are playing guitar, gardening and any vacation that involves both hiking and drinking wine. She and her husband share their home with their red-headed, four-legged daughter Sydney.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Christian Yazdanpanah


After growing up in poverty himself, Christian Yazdanpanah now works to empower children in low-income households. This month, he’ll take the Oral Fixation stage in “Push the Envelope” to talk about the decision to help those kids who need it the most. 

Christian Yazpandanah never realized he was growing up poor thanks to a mother who reinforced love, curiosity and purpose as keys to a life of happiness. Collaborating with influencers like Kobe Bryant, Shepard Fairey, Michael Irvin, Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu, Christian inspires youth to seek a life of happiness.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Will Richey


After growing up in a strictly conservative household, Will Richey found liberation and purpose while reconnecting with his mother’s Latin roots.  This month, he takes the Oral Fixation stage in “Push the Envelope” to discuss his journey towards self-discovery and his passion for empowering the voices of others.

Will Richey is a husband, father, artist and athlete. He’s a lover of the oral tradition and empowerer of voice. His heritage runs deep through Louisiana and Puerto Rico — half seafood gumbo, half arroz con habichuelas. The creator of DaVerse Lounge and performance curator of the Festival of Ideas, Will graduated from University of Dallas, Irving.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Suzette Drouillard

Suzette OF PTE

A Hopeless romantic, Suzette Drouillard returns to the Oral Fixation stage this month in “Push the Envelope,” where she’ll get all sentimental about the special way she marked her daughter’s 28th birthday. 

Suzette still plays with toys and likes to hand out stickers to kids waiting at airports. She’s spent over 30 years working in telecommunications, which really let her use that geology degree. After moving to Texas two years ago, she’s decided she likes it much better than New Jersey.

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Our Eyes Are Fixed On: Donald Griswold


After a painful chapter in his life, Donald Griswold struggled to save a Russian baby. This month, he’ll take the Oral Fixation stage in “Push the Envelope” to talk about how his adopted daughter was actually the one that ended up saving him.

Donald Griswold is completing revisions on his first novel, Dying Light, and owns Dallas-based Dog Star Media. He is a sports fan, patron of the arts, loving father, dog lover and Dallas history aficionado. Avoid asking him about his favorite music, films and craft beers unless you want a lecture.

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