Oral History: “Writing on the Wall”

OF_WritingOnTheWall-Wyly 1

In one of our strongest shows to date, seven brave souls from North Texas bared their souls and shared their stories during March’s “Writing on the Wall.” Following a lively and engaging “Meet the Cast” event at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff, the cast of “Writing on the Wall” performed their stories twice — at both the Wyly Theatre in the Dallas Arts District and at the historic Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. With an eclectic mix in the both cast’s stories and in their personalities, many Orally Fixated fans commented after the show that it was their favorite collection of performances yet!

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Oral History: “Two Peas in a Pod”

OralFixation_TwoPeasInAPod-Wyly 3 cast photo
The wonderful cast of “Two Peas In A Pod” on 2/9 at The Wyly Studio Theatre

For our annual Valentine’s Day show, Oral Fixation presented “Two Peas in a Pod” on Monday evening at Wyly Theatre in AT&T Performing Arts Center, and on Wednesday evening at Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. For this special relationship-centric show, seven brave Dallasites gave us the feels as they detailed heart-tugging stories of love and companionship in every imaginable form.

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Oral History: “Slippery Slope”

OralFixation_SlipperySlope-Wyly 1 (1)

We knew that trailing the heels of last month’s remarkable show, “Outside the Box,” was going to be a tough act to follow. The cast of “Slippery Slope,” however, was a formidable crew with powerful stories of love, loss, anger, regret and redemption. Our actions and choices can be quite a slippery slope, and we are so grateful that this group invited us along for the wild ride!

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Oral History: “Outside the Box”


After three-plus years of incredible shows featuring brave Dallasites, there was just something special about this month’s show, “Outside the Box.” Many of our fans agreed, leaving the Wyly on Monday and Texas Theatre on Wednesday remarking that it was one of the best shows they could remember. Our seven brave first-time storytellers, with stories as diverse as their personalities, bared their souls on stage with hilarious and heartbreaking tales of an atypical event, time, choice, or decision in their lives. Enjoy this glimpse into the box!

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Oral History: “Train Wreck”

OralFixation_TrainWreck_Wyly 2

For the second show of Season 4, seven Dallasites took the Oral Fixation stage to bare their souls and invite the audience into the times in their lives that were as messy and unsettled as a train wreck. Their performances, however, were anything but. In fact, that first night at the Wyly was a dazzling display of heart and bravery.

OralFixation_TrainWreck_Wyly 19

The second night, at The Texas Theatre, was no less than that. The wild ride of emotions was certainly well-worth the trip. We laughed. We cried. We felt compassion and empathy. We are thankful to a cast who dared to share and reminded us that life goes on even after it goes off the rails.

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Oral History: “Go With the Flow”

Returning to the Wyly Theatre and appearing for the first time at The Texas Theatre, Oral Fixation kicked off Season 4 with a double dose of “Go With the Flow”! Here’s how it all went down on that second night.

The energy was alive at The Texas Theatre as old friends and acquaintances mingled by the bar before finding their seats, tingling with excitement for what was to come. A new season brings anticipation of captivating stories and strong orators, and this night soared beyond expectations for Oral Fixation veterans and newcomers alike.

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